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New Doc

As I said before ,went to another new Doc.who is also into holistic medicine as well. Sent me for full blood test.Turns out I have pernicious anaemia as well. Was on B12 injections every 3 months,last Doc decided I didn't need them.This one says yes you do.Had one this morning. Am feeling a lot better since I went back up to 75 mcg,thyroxine,still got problem with slight swelling of lips.Going to try natural,this Doc is not sure how to go about it yet so has to talk to chemist.Going back in a couple of weeks.To see her.Also my vitamin D is low,she has put me on 5 tablets a day for a month then 2 a day indefinitely as well as magnesium and fish oil,I have been saying for years I wasn't right.Go with your gut and keep at them.We are lucky you can go to any Doc we want to.

Thyroid test

Free T4. 18.1 (9-25)

TSH. 1.01 (0.50-5.00

Free T3. 4.4 (3.5-6.5)

TG. 34. <60 May 2011. 24

TPO. 173(<60). May 2011. 426

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what an intuitive doctor

If your in the UK then your GP can prescribe Natural Thyroid meds "on a named patient basis " as per MHRA rules and must write a letter to that effect for the pharmacy


I live in Australia.


Few doctors, unfortunately, will prescribe on a 'named-patient basis'. They stick to the BTA guidelines.


How wonderful to have found an understanding informed doctor Margjean.

Have you tried switching Levo brands?

Your results are do you feel?

Many function at their best with a TSH of 1.0 or below and T4 & T3 in upper quadrant of range so you have only just room for your recent dose increase....don't get over medicated because that can make you feel horrid too.

Your TPO antibodies are high indicating Hashimotos Auto Immune Disease. It is important to reduce this level which will in turn reduce your inflammatory responses and you might...just might ...find your lip swelling gets better...but who knows?

I have Hashi too and supplement therapeutic doses of Curcumin to quell inflammation I had in my body but these are things you can discuss with your doctor.

You may find that getting optimal levels of B12 again and supplementing fish oils (excellent anti inflammatories) to be enough.

Many ( myself included) find a gluten free diet helps considerable.

So pleased for you Margjean,

Take care, Flower

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There is only one firm who make thyroxine.Two names made in the same factory on different machines,one is $2 dearer.

Was trying gluten free,the bread is like sawdust,couldn't stand it.

Could try all other food gluten free I suppose.


What is curcumin?


Was on 75 mcg for 15 years then got overmedicated and haven't been right since then,aim now getting to feel like my old self.Thank you for all the info,great site.



Curcumin is actually the yellow powder found in tumeric and to an extent ginger.

If you choose this route be sure to buy from a reputable supplier

If ALL nutrients are OPTIMAL levels (not a doctors "normal") and thyroid meds still aren't working for could look at adrenal health. You have been medicated on thyroxine a long time and cortisol is crucial in the conversion of T4 to T3.



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