Help with results please

These are my Mum's results.

TSH 2.6, Free T4 15.7 (10-12) and Free T3 3.8 (3-5).

These were taken on the NHS. She paid to be seen today by the same doc but privately to speed things up as couldn't get apt to get results and GP no allowed to divulge!. It was suggested she have a TRH test, 24 hr catecholamine collection and to redo Vit D test (last time collected in wrong bottle at hosp!) back on NHS as well as a 9 am cortisol followed by a short synacten test if necessary. Her cholesterol is over 8 (she has recently stopped statins as she felt these were making her feel worse). She is really lousy - exhausted, forgetful, cold, episodes of palpitations several times a day (her heart has recently been checked out and all fine). Doc has her down as anxious/depressed (who wouldn't be) - doc wrote very condescending letter having a go at me for asking for lab results (said I had obviously spent a lot of time researching on internet!! Have had Hashi's for 20 years amongst other AI issues!). Any help appreciated! Mum now beginning to believe all in her head. Thank you!

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  • Are those FT4 ranges definately right? as it seems a very narrow range to me.

    Are you saying tht her GP totally refused your mum copies of her results?? He cannot do this and if you would like a standard letter to send to your GP to gain access to these let me know and I will link it to you. Your mums GP sounds a real charmer (not) and he difinately wouldn't like me as a patient.

    For your mum to even start feeling better her TSH need to be one or under so you can tell her from someone that has had every single one of her symptoms (even the heart ones) that it definately is not all in her head.

    Your mum needs to be asking, not only for her vitd to be checked, but her b12, ferritin and iron as well as if any of these are low (and I dont just mean low in range I mean low for a thyroid patient) then this could be causing her body problems in absorbing and coverting her thyroid medication to the T3 it desperately needs.

    How much thyroid medication is she on and does she keep it, at least, two hours away from all food, drink (except water) supplements and other medication she may be taking.

    Sorry for all the questions but the more info you can provide the better response you will get.

    Moggie x

    p.s. And can I just add what a wonderful son (I take it you are male) she has.

  • Hi Moggie - that was quick! No, I am a 38 year old female! I have just gained a slightly tougher attitude during pursuit of better treatment for myself so perhaps come across as male!! Mum takes no medication at the moment. She is being repeatedly told that there is nothing wrong with her. Her B12 was a "little" low at 213.

  • Sorry I went by your picture - which looks kind of male to

    Low B12, low vitd and low iron can cause all the symptoms your mum is suffering so I would get her to have all these checked. Your mums B12 need to be over 500, but nearer 700, for her to feel any benefit.

    Her ferritin levels need to be quite high in range which is usually 15 - 140 (I am aiming for around 90) and her vitd needs to be classed as sufficient and not just adequate.

    Has she got any thryoid history in her family? and if so who?

    Sorry for the mixup but it honestly was your picture and definately not your

    Moggie x

  • Thank you! Just me thyroid-wise as far as we know but she has three sisters and I have suspicions about at least one! Her late Mum had very high cholesterol and became diabetic (insulin dep) and thinking about her now suspect she might have had undiagnosed thyroid issues. All help very much appreciated. She is just on the verge of giving up x

  • agreed

  • Do you go to her appts with her? If so you should explain the family connection but unfortunately until her TSH gets over 5 (which is really not ideal) I doubt that her GP will do anything. I cant stress enough how low B12, VitD and iron can make you feel so get these checked and hopefully she will start to feel loads better.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you again - she so badly feels that it is just her age (a very young 65) and that she is imagining it. The reassurance from people like you is brilliant to keep her going to get a proper diagnosis. This was the first appt I had been to with her and the attitude was basically that I was putting it into her head! Thanks for all you comments. she will have the additional tests Monday and then I'll get her into Dr P asap!! Take care!

  • You take care too and keeping caring and looking after your, very young, mum.

    Good luck and I hope together you find her answers.

    Moggie x

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