Doc done a doozy!!!!

Eent to see my doc 4 weeks ago to get my blood test results and after a bit of a debate about my results( told me all was normal until I pointed out there were some with exclamation marks... to a reply of "oh yeah... sorry") she doubled my dose of folic acid to 5mg twice a day. Ive been on them continually for the past year at 5mg once a day. I was pretty suprised that it was so low again so asked for a copy of my blood tests. Was again refused so I filled out a form at reception and paid the £10 to force them to give me them.

I have just picked them up and they show that my folate level is at 19.6(range 4.6-18.7)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she has DOUBLED my dose even though I am over the high range!

Am now worried that this may have caused some damage but can't find much info on being over medicated :-(

Going to call the practice manager to put in a complaint tomorrow

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  • Good grief. Luckily - folic acid is a B vitamin (Vitamin B9) and is water soluble so you'll have wee'd out any excess. But that's not really the point, is it?

  • I think im more annoyed at her cant be bothered attitude. Ive been seeing her for 3 years now and have had to fight tooth and nail to get anything done. Even now I still dont feel well. Time to change doctors me thinks :-/

  • Please do make a formal complaint. That's inexcusable!

    I'd also be complaining about paying £10 to see your test results, Kitty. Practices aren't allowed to use them as a revenue stream and should only charge a £1 or so for paper and printer ink. £10 should buy you ALL of your electronic summary records.

  • Time to change GP or New Medical Centre I feel.

    You paid 10.00 for your results.......................unbelievable.

  • Goodness me! This is not good you have paid £10 to rectify her mistake! Who refusef your results and said eould charge you? I was told the maximum cost should be cost of the paper ' just pence.

  • It always seemed to be dependant if nice lady receptionist was in or not. She would print them out for me with no problems when I was first disgnosed 3 years ago. She left and since then it seems no one knew hw to do it! Went on to ask my doc and she said I could look at them on her screen but she wouldnt print them off as she has found that people start googling and diagnosing themselves.... this from the lady who cant even read blood results properly!

  • So she refused to give you the printout of results on the basis that she doesn't think it's good for you, but it's okay if you give them £10 - ? Her logic isn't up to much either.

  • She thought you would not pay tenner to get them's outrageous. with practice manager in the morning. ..she's negligent and no one should should be charged 10 pounds for results print out

  • I went to see a new Endo the other day. The first thing I had to do when I left his room was to take a form to his secretary which was an authorisation for her to send me all my test results! As he pointed out they are my results and I have as much right to see them as anyone else and so I will get them at the same time!

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