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Doc they don't know what there doing when your thyroid is out you gain weight lose hair

Having nothing but problem sent I've had my thyroid out if I new now back in march I don't even think I would of done it. This is crazy I I really think we are Ginny pigs and the doc don't know what to do. Gained 60 pds in 2 months lost a lot of hair and there nothing they can do . the doc need to tell people what is going to happen to you when u have your thyroid out

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Samcozza I haven't had my thyroid removed and hopefully members with that experience will come along and make suggestions. I think you're right, many doctors don't know what to do :( . However, what comes to mind is what we normally ask people who come here asking for help.

Firstly - what are your latest thyroid test results? This will help to see whether you are on the right amount of thyroid hormone replacement. So you need test results for




Then to see whether you are utilising the thyroid hormone properly, you need tests for


Vit D



as all those need to be at optimal levels for thyroid hormone to work properly. Don't expect your doctor to know this, they seem to know very little about nutrition and don't understand 'optimal', they only see 'in range'.

So if you can get all those tested, privately if necessary through Blue Horizon if your GP wont help, then make a new thread with the results, plus reference ranges, members can make suggestions and hopefully get you on the road to recovery.


Well I think that the blood work need to be done I called today to ask if I can get my blood work done she said no it Schedule for Oct 24 if I think I need my blood work done not sure why I can't there not paying for it I'm . I've been on to different kinds of thyroid med and I read up on them there only 3 kinds of med you can take and guess what there all the same just different names and there made with pig thyroid idk I'm getting discussing


Oh, you're in the US, sorry, I thought you were in the UK. So obviously the Blue Horizon link isn't any good for you. I don't know how your health care system works, but if you're paying for your own bloods why do you have to wait?

As far as I know, when you have no thyroid then levothyroxine alone isn't the best treatment. You'd need a combo of synthetic T4/T3 or a natural dessicated thyroid such as Armour which contains all the T hormones that the body would normally make.


Yes that what I'm on now armour 60grm I was on the other but I gain weight lost my hair stressed out complete but I switch to taking it in the morning and now I take it before I go to bed so I'll see how that works


They don't care, apparently, most of them. You are left with the aftermath of no gland whatsoever and (I'm hypo) and I think if you've no gland you should have T3 added to T4 (liothyronine and levothyroxine).

New Research has proven that the addition of T3 to T4 would benefit patients as sometimes T4 is not given in a sufficient amount to make us feel well: we are restricted to the TSH result alone and many doctors think anywhere in the range is fine. They ignore patients clinical symptoms but give them other medication for the symptom instead of thyroid hormones.

If you've had a recent blood test, get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges and put them on a new post for comments

We have to read and learn to overcome the guidelines and get well.

When your next blood test is due it should be at the very earliest and fasting. You can drink water. Also don't take levothyroxine before it - take it afterwards. We should allow about 24 hours between the last dose of levo and the test.

The TSH is highest by this method and that's all the doctors take notice of and adjust willy/nilly the levo.

If you've not had Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested recently ask for these too.


OK I will post them in Oct she will not let me get them any early.I've told her my problem and seem like she giving me the run around so I'm looking for a new doc one that going to care about what I'm tell them I haven't taken anything because I'm afraid to


When did you have your last bloods done? And did you change your dose at that time? If so, you cannot do them again for another six weeks, there would be no point. So, perhaps that's why your doctor said no. :)


Yes they change my med and its been like 5 weeks


OK, so it's too soon to test. You would not get a true result. You have - absolutely have to - wait at least six weeks. :)


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