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Question about my blood result and seeing doc tomorrow. Advice please?

Blood result

Serum TSH level (xaelv) above range. 4.10miu/l (0.3-3.94) outside reference range. Inadequate replacement, suggest review compliance, also consider dose.

Serum free T4 (xaerr). 13.3 pml/L (12.3 -20.2)

I had to go down to surgery to find out the results from the receptionist who told me the doc said no further action. As far as I am aware I'm supposed to be monitored for one year, but this is my 4th month, and currently on 50mg every morning.

I put this up the other day for comments and a lady said I was way below and should be 19.

I'm going to docs tomorrow to ask why she has said no further action when the bit from the hospital says inadequate dose.

I'm not quite sure how to put it without sounding like a dork as I've no real clue, I'm learning from this site the best I can. Can someone help me with this? I am going to ask to be tested for ferritin etc, which Clutter advised a short while back.

Also, do those numbers mean I'm very hypo? Or a little bit. I have symptoms but the worst one is the bitter prickling at the back of my throat and tongue when I eat and drink . The sweat breakouts have subsided a lot.

Can I also say thank you to anyone who helps me and sorry for all my posts. I've been reading mostly but it seems the floodgates are opening and I have a thousand questions, and the problem is I don't even know what I'm asking half the time...doh!

I could really do with help for the docs tomorrow though, please. Thank you.

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I think it shows your GP hasn't a clue either how to treat patients. 50mcg is a starting dose and you should have had a blood test at six weeks with an increase in medication. If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse article by Dr Toft. Go to Question 6 and highlight and it shows the TSH your GP should be helping you achieve. Some of us need slightly higher than 1 but some of us need a suppressed TSH. Your GP will learn quite a lot from this article.


Phew, thank you for your reply. Been checking all night in case. Will do that and will be subscribing to the uk site too. Thank you very much.


"Serum TSH level (xaelv) above range. 4.10miu/l (0.3-3.94) outside reference range. Inadequate replacement, suggest review compliance, also consider dose."

Speaks for itself really.

How could a GP not take notice? Most Hypos find their optimal TSH is under 1 to feel well, T4 towards top of range.

Prickling at the back of your throat is a new one on me, strange - please ask your GP to examine this.

Low B12 can induce neuro symptoms including paresthesia, we're not doctors here 'tho - just speaking from own knowledge.

As we keep suggesting please get irons, ferritin, folate & B12, and vit D checked as deficiencies come hand in hand with Thyroid disease (if the GP won't, you can get private tests then take them in - I did and am feeling better! £25 Vitamin D, £57 Active B12)

Best of luck for tomorrow, Jane :D


Thank you so much for replying. Will ask to be tested for the other stuff whilst I am there. Dreading going in. This condition has hit me out of the blue. Trying to stop believing it's just going to right itself when it clearly isn't. Sod. :)

Thanks again. I really appreciate the help from everyone.

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Just remember we can get our health back, maybe not quite as before but as near as. We have to read and learn as much as possible and have a co-operative doctor.

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How did you get on?


Hello misty dog, thank you for asking. :)

I did a post first thing this morning aptly titled "update on my visit to docs". I know, I know........original! Haha.

I am now being tested for all sorts of bits and mins etc, Levo upped for a month to see what happens, a new test arranged for September.


Still catching up with posts! I'll get there! At least they're trying things!


Yes, thank goodness, and I'm glad the peeps on here helped me to go back there and ask questions. Whoot whoot .


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