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Hyperthyroid since 13 years old

Age 13 - diagnosed Hyperthyroid; 80% of my Thyroid was removed. Symptoms for about a year before surgery were pulse 160, very thin, nervous, and problems walking. After surgery, gained weight and symptoms gone. Didn’t think about Thyroid till very tired at age 45 (in 20’s had 2 live normal births). Endocrinologist diagnosed Hypothyroidism (pituitary working hard to make up for Thyroid). Put me on a dose of .75 Synthroid. Thyroid normal until 5 years later my MD said drop endocrinologist, she would take care of my Thyroid. She increased my Synthroid to 100 mg. In one year I was testing Hyperthyroid. Even though taking ½ of .75 Synthroid for 2 years kept testing Hyper. Then in 1998 testing Hyper, .07, minus .01. Stopped Synthroid until 2000, still hyper. Endocrinologist said I had slightly toxic goiter so put me on Methimazole. Made me sick. Put me on PTU. Thyroid still hyper .01 TSH. In 2003 I ingested 2 mCi of 1-31, called “RAI.” I had so much radiation couldn’t be around children for a week (worked as a health aide at a school). Taking .05 of Levoxyl, stayed in low of normal range until 2005 tested 17.69. Put me on Synthroid .0725. Stayed normal until 2010 TSH levels started going hypo, 6.27. On 2-24-2011 I stopped all meds including Synthroid. 4-22-11 TSH 60.78. My Thyroid uptake was normal. I didn’t feel good on Synthroid so switched to Armour, 60 mg. Felt better. Levels normal till 2014 started going hypo again. When increased Armour to .75 went hyper, went down to .60 went hypo. Then added .15 in increments. Now T3 is elevated. T3 was elevated in 2014 but doctor wasn’t concerned. Considering going back on Synthroid? If next dr. appt 9/14 shows I am still hyper, don't know what to do? on .75 Armour.

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Welcome to the forum, KMB1.

How elevated is your FT3? If you don't feel hyper and FT3 is only slightly elevated I'd stay on 0.75mg Armour. If you feel hyper try 0.675mg. Small tweaks to dose can be helpful.


Thanks! Last dr. visit that was the consensus. I feel good even though numbers off. I'll test in 3 months.

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I would go by how you feel and not by a lab range. This is why many never feel better, and you have a doctor who is allowing you to go by symptoms and is not tied to lab values..or so it appears.


Yes you are right. I feel ok partly because eat very healthy and exercise. Sleeping better but never a good sleeper even when my thyroid was hypo. I am thankful don't have any other issues other than an addiction to chocolate! thanks for responding.


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