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Am i Hyperthyroid

Hi folks

Posted on here a few weeks as i had joined a slimming club and lost just over half a stone, although i stopped my diet i was still loosing weight and feeling Hyper.

Went to docs he did loads of blood tests all came back normal, as for my Thyroid profile he only did tsh which came back as 0.4

I have never been this low in 15 yrs and feel jittery and not sleeping, i am due to go on holiday to Spain in about 8 hours.

So am i right in thinking that i am verging on been Hyper, i dont want to be ill while away, so would it benefit me to take 50mcgs one day and 75 the next.

My dosage is 75 daily, it seems since i went on the diet my body has thrown a wobbler.

Any advice would be great


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Forgot to put the ranges which are 0.35--4.7


You cannot tell anything from the TSH alone. When you are on thyroid hormone replacement, a low TSH is frequent, but you need the FT4 and FT3 to tell if you are over-medicated - not much chance of you being hyper. Besides, people who are hyper, usually have a suppressed TSH. Yours is a long way from being suppressed.

75 mcg is more or less a starter dose. So, I doubt if you are over-medicated. But, have you had your anti-bodies tested? It could be a Hashi's swing.


Thanks Greygoose

Had anti bodies tested privately but that was about 5 yrs ago came back fine, i guess i need to have them done again, i know tsh on its own tells you nothing.

But like the rest of us on here my Doc is a waste of space, will get tests done again with Blure Horizon. i have wondered about Hashis as in the past around 10 yrs ago i would go betweeen the two Hypo and hyper.




Doctors only test the TPOab, anyway. And, even if it's positive, they have no idea what to do about it.


In regards to your "normal" blood tests post the results and ranges in a new thread.

Posters on here will tell you if they are optimal. For example someone with a GPs "normal" level of ferritin which is sub-optimal will feel dreadful.


Will do when i get back from my hols will get a copy off gp




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