Armour dosage correct?


I had a TT July 13. Just had blood test results after being on Armour for three weeks. One week on 60mcg and two on 90mcg. Blood test is as follows (did not take meds on morning of test):

Free T4 12 (12-22)

Free T3 4 (3.1 - 6.x sorry can't remember what x is)

Tsh 4.04

Dr wants me to try 2 grains per day.

I was on 125/100 Eltroxin on alternate days before meds switch. My Tsh was 1.9 T4 21 not sure what t3 was. Didn't feel great on Eltroxin and went hypo recently. Went hyper on 125 Eltroxin per day AND also 75 Eltroxin/20 Thybon over last year.

Is 2 grains Armour too much? Have improved a bit on Armour but still quite hypo?


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  • Hi,

    I had a TT in 2009 and have recently switched from 125mg of Levo to 1.5 grains of Armour, I don't feel that I am on optimal dose as I still have some symptoms but I don't see my Endo until March nxt year, so I will just have to bare with it until then.

    I am still finding my way with this med and not totally convinced that its the best for me but going to see how I go.

    Sorry I haven't been much help but there are many lovely people on here who have bags of experience who will be able to help you.

    Hope you get yourself sorted, nothing worse than feeling not right.

  • Thanks hope you get sorted too maybe your dose is to low? Did you do any blood tests recently?

  • I didn't read your post properly so have changed response. Yes, it's o.k. to go up by 1/2gr. 2 grs is about average but this link may be helpful. I hope you get on o.k.

  • I had a TT in 2012. I switched to WP Thyroid in May 2014. As you have no thyroid you will need to be on between 3-5 grains which is what a working thyroid outputs.

    I increased following the STTM protocol 1/2 grain every 10-14 days till you get to 3 grains. Hold at 3 grains for 4-6 weeks test your bloods then start raising again till you get to an optimal dose.

    Yes you can raise by 1/2 grain. Make sure not to hold on too low a dose for too long. You should not hold on this level for longer than 14 days. Otherwise it will make you very hypo. 2 grains is not too much when you think we need to be on between 3-5 grains to be on an optimal dose.

    Keep an eye on your B12, D3, iron (all 4), ferritin and cortisol levels. If you struggle to increase it is usually because your iron or cortisol levels are low.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks Peacefulbliss. How many grains are you on now? Were you on synthetic T4 and if so how much?

    My temperature is still quite low even on two grains. Did you notice a rise in temp when increasing?

  • I was in Levo post TT 150mg before the switch. I was until recently on 3.5/4 grains but I have RT3 (pooling) issues - T3 not going into my cells because of adrenal issues so I am going down to 1.5 or 1 grain and making up the difference with T3 in order to get rid of the pooling. I have never taken my temperature.

    90mg for someone without a thyroid is very low. You need to keep going up.

  • I think I'm just confused that 90 MCG of Armour is supposed to be equivalent to approx 114 Eltroxin (I think!) Which is what I was on.

    Very confusing and I don't want to overdose!! But then again my T4 was very low on 90 so maybe you're right!!

  • I don't believe in equivalency measures. The most important guide for us without a thyroid is the fact that a working thyroid makes between 3-5 grains. You are currently on 1 1/4 (90mg) grains which is very low. 2 grains is better but once you hit the 3 grain (180mg) mark you tend to start feeling better - I did anyway.

  • HI Yes, i would go up a bit and another test before next rise in meds


  • When taking thyroid medication the dose is specific to that person who has to gradually increase whatever they are taking until they begin to feel much better. You take note of your pulse/temp several times a day. If pulse too high you have to reduce slightly. Sometimes temp doesn't come back to what it used to be but you feel warmer. If we feel overstimulated we either miss the next day's dose or reduce . It is tempting to try to take more but our body alerts us and we don't feel so well.

    So the best way to judge a particular dose is by how we feel.

  • That's the thing though - I'm still getting hypo symptoms as far as I can tell - fatigue, carpal/tarsal tunnel,nausea, low temp and feeling cold. When I go up a dose my pulse seems to go up for a week or so or & then settles.

    The weirdest thing is my temp, it jumps up a small bit by then goes back down after about a week. I did feel better on 2nd week on 90 but after two weeks my symptoms returned.

    I have low DHEA just starting to take 25mg a day that may have something to do with it?

  • Your labs on desiccated show you at the bottom of the range in FT4. This is a sign that you may do better on a combo of T4 + desiccated, rather than T4-only, or NDT-only. I didn't do too badly on T4-only, but @ 2 grains I was already having hyper symptoms, because it's too much T3 FOR ME, and labs confirmed my FT3 was significantly over range. Just wanted to warn you that not everyone needs 3+ grains. One way to calculate a combo dose is here:

  • Do you mind me asking what dose are you on now?

  • I'm taking 1 grain + 62.5 mcg levothyroxine. Interesting that for you, 100/125 Eltroxin had your T4 at top of range, and 90 mcg NDT had your T4 at bottom. My dose is kinda in between your two doses!

  • Your dose works out as 100 levo and 9 t3? You could be right. I went hyper on 75 Levi + 20 t3. Which is almost 2 grains! If I took one grain then how much levo would I need?

  • Did you read the link? It tells you how to calculate your levo dose based on your weight. It's a very conservative estimate, and some people may need a higher dose, but at least it's a start. I've also seen studies that suggest 1.6 - 1.8 mcg/kg.

  • Yes I did but according to the document I would need 130 t4 which is way too much!!

  • Any chance you're low in iron/ferritin? Otherwise, I guess you could always start low, and raise slowly if your symptoms say you need more. This is all trial and error!

  • Yes in July my ferritin was 160 but I went hypo and it dropped to 40. It's back up to 73 now but think I need higher. Currently taking iron supplements

  • Understand that there is no hard and fast rule and everyone's dose is individual. You said you feel better at this Armour dose, yet still hypo. A logical trial would be to stay on this dose of 90 mcg, and add 25 mcg levo, just to see if it helps, instead of adding more Armour.

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