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Bloods all 'Normal' but feel dreadful

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Background info here:

I'm 27 years old. On 100mcg of thyroxine but still symptomatic. All 'Normal' so GP is not going to do anything further meds wise. GP is now referring me to rheumatology for constant pain in shoulder and hip. Although she wants to diagnose as CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia.

Any advice? I'm thinking of going to get some vitamins for B12 and caclium as symptoms overlap with hypothyroidism.

Latest lab results:

Parathyroid hormone - 2.6 (<6.4)

Vit D - 77 (30-300)

TSH - 0.32 (0.35-5.0)

B12 - 159 (130-800)

Folate - 15.7 (4-20)

Ferritin - 38 (12-250)

Calcium - 2.20 (2.20-2.60)

Cealiac - Negative

Thanks for your help.

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Send of to IgeneX, infectolab or Armin for a Lyme Disease test. I am convinced that is the root cause of the majority of cases "diagnosed" with ME/CFS. Lyme and its co-infections undermine the endocrine system.

I don't think you need to supplement with Calcium . If your VitD is optimal then you will produce calcium naturally in the body. Your D is LOW and you need at least 3000 IU's daily taken with a main meal containing good fats. Also take VitK2 - as this will direct the calcium into the bones and teeth. Not good to leave it circulating in the blood.

Your B12 is on the floor - and I am annoyed your GP has not done anything about this. Do you have gut issues ? Are you taking anything that could disturb the uptake of nutrients.... B12 Deficiency is a neurological condition - so it is very serious. Your level needs to be around the TOP of the range - at least 800/900. So take 5000 mcg Of JARROW Methylcobalamin from Amazon and keep it under the tongue until it dissolves to avoid stomach issues. A B12 result under 500 can present neurological symptoms. Oh and by the way - the blood result lags behind the symptoms....

Please read the above website carefully - it is a wealth of information.

Your Ferritin is also low and needs to be higher - around 90. Are you treating this deficiency ? If you take b12 remember to take a GOOD B complex to keep all the B's in balance.

You really need a FT4 and FT3 result for the thyroid. You need to know how much T4 your thyroid is producing and how much is converting into T3. Also have you had your anti-bodies tested ?

With good levels of B12 and VitD your pains will soon ease. Also a good level of T3 is also needed. CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia are often symptoms of an underlying cause. Once the Fibro box is ticked on your notes - everything will be attributed to that :-( Please click onto my name and read my edited Profile - I once was diagnosed with Fibro.

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Travelling in reply to Marz

Hello Marz, this is helpful information for all of us, thanks.

I wonder what you use for a B complex supplement, what do you consider to be "good" ?

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Marz in reply to Travelling

Thorne Research B complex. It contains methylfolate which is natural in place of folic Acid which is synthetic. You may wish to research this for yourself - methylfolate v folic acid :-)

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Travelling in reply to Marz

Thanks, I'm going to look into it and get something to supplement. I believe it is not easy to overdose on Bs as they are water soluble? Is that right?

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Marz in reply to Travelling

B12 is water soluble. I think there is one you have to look out for - B6 I believe !

My advice would be to experiment with a slightly higher dose of thyroxine and see if you feel better

You need to up your vitamin D, b12 and iron (ferritin), they are low and not optimal. Your calcium is fine.

Vitamin b12 is best taken sublingual (dissolve under the tongue), or via skin absorption or injection. There are a few sublingual vitamin b12 supplements. 99% tablet form passes straight through you.

The b12 I use is by BetterYou, I'm not keen on the Jarrow one that's been mentioned, it's says 5000 micrograms but to be taken 3 to 4 times a week and the don't want to hang around with a lozenge in my mouth. With the spray, spray under tongue and hold for ten seconds and you're done.

Try getting those up and you might feel much better,

if not see about adrenal function

Then if got vit D, b12 and ferritin all optimal and no adrenal issue, and still feel bad then start down road of other things (Lyme disease, Epstein Barr virus and few other). But most common is the vitamin deficiency and adrenal problems.

I agree, your B12 is way too low. It's within range but the range is way too low too! Where do you live? The range where I am is 180-800. DON'T supplement until you have had further tests. Look at the PAS website for more information. If you supplement now you will skew the results of any other tests and may miss the right diagnosis. I recommend you call the PAS for a chat before you do anything else.

Good luck!

Hello Oozlumbird, just wondering what the PAS is?

Is it like the CIA but they investigate thyroid issues!?

Couldn't resist that, sorry!


Oh, if only there were such a thing! We could definitely do with a task force :)

It's actually the Pernicious Anaemia Society, which is possibly more helpful than the Men in Black but not quite so exciting...

Haha! Love that! Yes, we need some thyroid-motivated men in black.

I'll look up the PAC, thanks for the info. 😀

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Marz in reply to Travelling

PAS stands for the Pernicious Anaemia Society. There is a forum just like this one - so click onto Communities above and have a search. A very informative forum where you will learn lots about B12D - lots of thyroid people are there too.

I contributed to your thread three days ago. Wondering if you found the information helpful. Always good to have feed back :-)

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