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**normal, no action?? 😧

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Hi everyone,

Hopefully you can help, these are my latest blood test results and wondered what you make of them.....

TSH = 4.4 miu/L

Free T4 = 11 pmol/L

TPO antibodies = 555 IU/ml

Iron level = 11 umol/L

Vitamin D = 61 nmol/L

Vitamin B12 = 493 ng/L

Folate = 8 ug/L

Ferritin = 11 ug/L

My practice has everything (other than TPO antibodies) marked at "normal, no action" and to increase iron in my diet.

I saw a different GP in my practice as I've felt as though I'm not being listened to and ahead of discussing these results with her I'd find it very useful to know what you think....

I've had a goitre for several years now with the typical symptoms - irregular heartbeat, hairloss, cold extremities, constipation, depression, tiredness etc, etc....I'm not on any medication other than betablockers for palpitations but wonder if taking thyroxine might help??? (Going gluten free is something I'm also considering!)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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I'm no expert but oh my gosh yours are like mine when I got diagnosed :( I feel for you. Please go gluten free that will help your symptoms! Also your vitamin d folate and ferritin are all way too low. I take vitamin d3 max dose to try and up mine five days a week and an iron supplement. Also your tsh is too high should be below 2. Your antibodies can be reduced by gluten free and other diet changes, that's what I'm trying to do at the mo. I've only had this going on for about 9 months but I've learned a lot since trying to heal myself! I've seen 10 gps and only just found one who knows about hashimotos! It takes a lot of shopping around unfortunately. Good luck with your journey :)

Hi wowserclo, thanks for your reply!

Are you on any thyroid meds? I'm wondering whether I should be on thyroxine and this is something I want to discuss with my GP.

How are you going finding gluten free? Is it as tough as it seems?


If you put in the ranges then myself and other posters could give you better advice so edit your post and put in the ranges in brackets next to the results.

For example depending on the lab your ferritin result could mean the doctor does something or does nothing.

Thanks I will do!

Secret squirrel

Out in nos in brackets too

( lab ranges )

Which will make things clearer

And help us to help you .

Luv mx🌹


Hi Madge 1979, thanks for your reply.. someone else has also said that too!...I've now reposted with ranges in brackets (where I was given the range!)

X 🐿

Out of curiosity, who tells you the results of the tests?? If it is a receptionist, she will be reading from a script. I would always ask to speak to a GP or change surgeries. I am concerned that you have already had the goitre and conditions related to it and thyroid problems.

I get so angry these days with GP's and so call Professionals, because they appear to know naff all at times.

Vitamin D, anaemia and B12 deficiencies, walk hand in hand with thyroid conditions and have similar symptoms. Definitely "shop" around and I hope you find a decent GP.

I would google local GP as some of them have the credentials for Thyroid conditions etc. (well supposed to have so I was told)

At the end of the day, a GP is a person just like you and me, their diagnosis, is merely an opinion and we have a right to question it. You know how you feel and how your body works. Most Professionals, do not have the conditions we have, so only go on text and categorization. One pill fits all - well we know it doesn't.

Sorry for ranting, but I do get p*##@d off with people telling me how I feel and what I should be doing in the Professional world.

Take care and let us know how you get on. :)

Hi thanks for your message! yes it seems to go cap in hand that so many people have thyroid problems that are ignored because of "health professionals " ticking the boxes!! It makes you feel so angry!!!

Yes they were results given to me by a receptionist, when I asked if she could let me know what my results were she said there were too many to give me over the phone but all were normal and needed no action..... I then asked if I could possibly have a print out of them in which she said they now charge £5 for printing them out!! If I wasn't so eager to get something done I would now be £5 richer...so much for our caring "free NHS. To add insult to injury, printed on my results it says :

"repeat testing/monitoring is not clinically useful as levels do not correlate with disease activity"...am I missing something here???😡

However I have an appointment with my GP to discuss the results this week😧

All the best & thanks for getting in touch! 😊

Typical receptionist talk, basically talking rubbish as she knows jack sh*#t!!

However, I hope all goes well with the GP but disgusting that you have to pay for a print out, as she is too lazy to tell you your results, I would mention that to the GP too! If not happy with his opinion, ask to be referred to see a Endo!

I hope all goes well and all the best. Take care :)

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