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Advice Please after Test Results

Hey All,

Here is my previous post with background info: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Got my test results:

Free T4 15.5 (7.0-20.0)

TSH 0.77 (0.35-5.0)

Free T3 5.2 (3.1-6.8)

Currently on 100mcg of levothyroxine but hypo symptoms really bad. Worst ones are extreme fatigue, pain in most joints/muscles, lack concentration, light headedness, nausea etc. Results seem 'normal' I guess.

I'm fed up of feeling so poorly. I'm only 27 years old. Can anyone give advice on what steps to take next. Would you recommend NDT, if so can someone message me links to purchase it myself.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice


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Were your other parathyroids checked when you had the surgery ? It is possible you still have an overactive parathyroid, the symptoms will be the same as hypo symptoms.

Although you say your calcium is normal you really need a parathyroid blood test to make sure.


Before you check out NDT, see if you can find out what your ferritin, B12 and Vit D levels are. Deficiencies in any of those will leave you feeling lousy.

Your T3 doesn't look too bad, considering, so I'm thinking NDT might not be assist as much as you might think.


Actually your results are pretty good

Are you sure theres nothing else mixed up in this

Gluten sensitivity

Lactose Sensitivity

Aluminium poisoning from cookware etc

Candida infection


Gastro consultant doesn't think it's food sensitivity. I've kept a food diary and there's no correlations.


In March I had these results:

Ferritin 73 (12-250)

Serum B12 200 (130-800)

Folate 16.6 (4-20)

Calcium 2.22 (2.2-2.6)

Adjusted Calcium 2.25 (2.20-2.60)

Phosphate 0.74 (0.8-1.5)

I could ask for Vit D and parathyroid hormone. I've got an appointment with the GP on Wed. What tests could I ask for?


Ummm You have done something about that B12, haven't you? That range is rediculous! The Japanese range starts at 500 because anything below that can cause irreversable neurological damage. And optimal for B12 is 1000. So that range is just silly - and dangerous!

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Didn't know about B12. I will ask the GP about it on Wed.


I doubt your doctor will know anything about it! But ask him to test for Pernicious Anemia. B12 shouldn't be that low no matter what the ranges. And if you have PA, you will get B12 shots on the NHS. Otherwise, you're on your own, because doctors think that anything 'in range' is perfect!


Since it's been a few months and I've been feeling worse since March i'm going to get my GP to retest B12, ferritin, vit D, calcium and parathyroid. Thanks for your help.


You're welcome.


Ferritin should be half way in range for help in converting t4 to t3 xx


Latest lab results:

Parathyroid hormone - 2.6 (<6.4)

Vit D - 77 (30-300)

TSH - 0.32 (0.35-5.0)

B12 - 159 (130-800)

Folate - 15.7 (4-20)

Ferritin - 38 (12-250)

Calcium - 2.20 (2.20-2.60)

Cealiac - Negative

All 'Normal' so GP is not going to do anything further meds wise. Being referred to rheumatologist for aches and pains.

Any advice?


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