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I'm new :)

Just starting out on my thyroid journey. I started suddenly with hair loss in March and then developed various other symptoms of Hypo very quickly. GPs and Consultant at local hospital have told me that my TSH and T4 are fine (although at present i dont know the levels, i have an appointment Monday and will be asking for them) but they all admit Thyroid disease is flagging up in their minds but because it came on so suddenly they are reluctant to do much else. I have decided that the fastest way for me to get T3 and antibody tests done is to get it done myself.

What do people think of the subject company and have the results been useful?

Any advise would be happily received.

I am in Telford Shropshire so if anyone local has any advice or reccomendations i would love to pm.

Being positive and throwing myself into my family to keep motivated but some days it's hard!

Thank you



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Welcome to the forum, Wally10.

Many members use Blue Horizon and Genova finger prick home blood tests and you can get a 10% TUK discount too. Details in this link


Thank you for the information. I'm not too squeamish so think I will have a go doing it myself eek!


Wally10, it's probably worth asking for tips on the best way to do it when you are ready to do the test. Members will be happy to advise.


Thank you so much. I'm so lucky to have found this site. Brilliant. I plan to order next week and will be keen to get any tips!


The Blue Horizon fingerprick test is really easy to do. You get everything you need to do it and very clear instructions too. You post off your sample and the results come back in about four days.

I did it the first time because I could never get anyone to do T3. Even when it was asked for by the endo it was never done so I decided to get it done for myself. I did the test that checks TSH, FT3and FT4 and antibodies.

BH use a different range to my hospital ranges but it's all pretty relative so you can work out how you are doing ie when I was mid range on the NHS tests I found I was mid range on the BH tests.

How are your B12, vitamin D ferritin and folates? You want them all to be in the upper part of the range.

At one point during my treatment for Graves Disease (hyper with antibodies) I was hypo which led amongst other things to my hair falling out, once things reached better levels it stopped.

Good to hear that your medical people are at least thinking thyroid when your results are 'fine'

Glad that you're staying positive and you're right, it is hard at times, really hard, but you'll get there in the end. It's amazing but whatever symptoms you have and however awful you feel you'll find someone on here who has been there already and can offer advice. 😊


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