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Blue Horizon Blood Testing

Following on from my previous posts ref changing to NDT. I am trying to do more research before i approach my GP. I am considering paying for a more advanced blood test, bearing this in mind has anyone used the home finger prick blood tests, are they any good? Or would it be better to attend a private hospital and have them done that way? Your comments re pros and cons would be appreciated.

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I used Blue Horizon was worried about getting enough blood as always have problems with blood tests .

It was fine very easy to do .Only drawback was finger was very sore for 3 days .



Don't think i fancy sore finger hospital it is.

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Depending what tests you want you may actually have to go to a hospital.

In regards to finger prick v in arm - I'm easy to get blood out of so neither makes a difference. I don't like finger prick simply as I don't like stabbing my finger.


Thanks for your advice i think i may arrange hospital as it will probably be easier and like you i'm not keen on stabbing myself in the finger!


Stabbing myself for the blue horizon test was not that hard, getting the blood out was though as I tried to do it very early in the morning and was cold. Eventually I managed but the two pin prick devices weren't enough. They don't need a full sample though and will send you another test if you don't get enough. When I did vitamin d more recently I had a hot bath first and the blood came out easily and it was not at all sore. I find going for blood tests and such pretty emotionally stressful especially as it has to be with no food and my doctors is half an hour stiff walk away so the small pin pricks was preferable and also meant I could take an early morning test.


I'm patheticly squeemish about blood being taken, have been since many decades ago I passed out while blood sample being done and came round on the floor looking at what were nice white shoes worn by the nurse now more red from the blood that had sprayed everywhere as i toppled off the chair. OMG still mortified.

Sooo I get the finger prick test from Blue Horizon. I had trouble getting blood out first time but took advise from here and next time made sure I was warm. Did few exercises first and then got hand hot in... handhot... :) water. Take Ginko Biloboa every day too and it stops me clotting in 2 seconds which really helps LOL. So next attempt easy and every time since. Done at the right time no making do with whatever appointment time I could get. For me its a no brainer.


Thank you for your comments very helpful


Thats why i love this forum everyone is so helpful and i've found out so much (much more than the GP ever tells you).


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