New Nurse Home Visit Service from Blue Horizon Medicals

New Nurse Home Visit Service from Blue Horizon Medicals

Hi Everyone,

Almost the weekend!

Since 2009 we've been building up a list of Nurses that are able to provide mobile phlebotomy for our patients. It's been quite patchy in terms of geographical coverage, but we've finally got enough contracted nurses to be able to offer a UK wide service.

Of course the cost of providing phlebotomy in a densely populated area is cheaper than out in the countryside so prices have been diverse too. If you're in the boonies the cost can be well over £200 once mileage charges have been taken into account, if you can get anyone to visit you at all.

But I'm glad to say that those days are over...


Anywhere in the UK.

Apart from the Isles of Scilly and Guernsey. (sorry)

Your nurse will be guaranteed as a minimum band 5 and will be registered with the NMC.

The service is the same, we'll still send you out a postal kit, but then your local nurse will contact you to arrange an appointment. They will even post your blood for you!

Full details at

Have a great weekend,


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  • Fantastic news.... 😁

  • Great news! Was struggling trying to think where to get my blood drawn!

  • BlueHorizonMedicals Paul, that is great news, I can't get blood drawn at the surgery or my 'local' hospital which is 1.5 hours' drive away.

    I usually do a fingerprick test but I want to do the Thyroid Plus 12 to include reverse T3. Is this one available with a home visit, or does something special have to be done to the blood that only can be done in a hospital?

  • Sorry Paul, just checked out your link and see that the Plus 15 is down for home visit and that includes reverse T3, so that answers my question :)

  • Hi Susie,

    Sorry, forgot to say, any test that requires a vacutainer is eligible although there may be restrictions on some tests. Thyroid tests are fine though, including the plus 12 and 15.


  • what does the 15 include please as I only saw the 12? When I got tested... I do need to get another done as I have the Endo on the 3rd of Jan... 😁

  • scorpiojo In additon to everything in the Plus 12 you also get - Insulin,

    HbA1C, and Magnesium

  • This means an AM fasted sample. :-)

  • Thanks Susie.. What is HbA1C please. .. Sorry if that's a thick question :/

  • You will find the answer to that and much else here:

    My abbreviations and acronyms document.

  • And more information about that specific test here:

  • Thanks x

  • Really good news for me Paul, I feel a new test coming on :D

  • Brilliant Paul thank you :) now if you could cure fear of getting blood taken that would be fantastic ;) (fainted once 36 years ago and came round to see nurses white shoes mainly red :O been nervous ever since)

    But, in my own home? Hmmm maybe when next due testing I will be... not brave just less wimpy :)


  • Brilliant idea :)

  • What a superb addition. I live a little out in the country, for my last test, I had a nurse visit and it was £60, it was not the simplest of things to organise, so this is great.

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