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Blue Horizon Blood Testing


Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you have ordered blood tests from Blue Horizon and in particular the Thyroid Profile Advanced home blood test?

I am trying to determine whether this is indeed a finger prick test which would require no visits to phlebotomist/local hospital etc.. The answer does seem to be in the title by describing it as a 'home blood test'. However I have come across two links. One stating it can be carried out at home and another which says it CAN'T !!!

I have tried emailing Blue Horizon and the reply I got didn't even answer my question. It just said "Here is a link for the blood test you are interested in ordering". Mmmm....very helpful.

Anyway, I'd appreciate if you could share your experiences. Are they reliable and would you recommend them?

Cheers Joan

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Hi Joan

The lovely Paul from BH is a member here - you could try sending him a message...




Link below is to 'Thyroid Profile Advanced home blood test' and on that page it states:

'This test is easily carried out at home using the collection kit which is posted out to you by Royal Mail First Class Delivery, along with a Business Reply postage paid bio envelope for the return journey.'

You will need to check the TUK leaflet for the appropriate discount code, downloadable from link on this page:

Hope that helps!

JoanofArc in reply to RedApple

Thank you Red Apple and Louise,

I feel reassured that it is indeed a 'home' test and can go ahead and order!

Hi JoanofArc

I've just had the advanced thyroid profile below done by Blue Horizon, it isnt a finger prick test. I had to arrange for it to be taken by a phlebotomist at my home.

This is the one...

Advanced Thyroid Profile FT4, TSH, FT3, T4, Thyroid Antibodies £114.95 2 days

The Phlebotomist charged £65.

Hope this helps


Oh Adele,

Thank you so much for posting that. And just in time. I had my bank card out and was just about to order, but I cannot deal with the extra hassle of getting a Phlebotomist out to my house. Or having to get a nurse at the local hospital/GP surgery to do it. 'Home Testing' to me means No Hassle!!!

I think Blue Horizon really needs to clarify what they mean by 'home test'. I might send them another email. I need to make sure that the tests I am ordering are 'finger prick' ONLY. For me it is about sidestepping the GPs/Nurses etc and going it alone. Additionally I cannot afford the £65 charge for the home Phlebotomist visit. Oh well...


RedAppleAdministrator in reply to JoanofArc

Joan, Blue Horizon do two types of this test - one is a home test and the other needs a phlebotomist. They are on two different web sites.

The one mentioned by Adele is NOT the home test. The one I've linked to above is :)

If you go ahead and order the one I linked to above, I feel sure it will be the one you want.

For extra clarity, this link should take you to the NON HOME test that needs a phlebotomist (£114.95):

And here's the HOME FINGER PRICK test (£118.75):

Thank you for clarifying things RedApple.

I think what I'm going to do is phone Blue Horizon on Monday to make absolutely sure that I can get the test by finger prick. Certainly in the link you posted it appears that this is the case, but I'll double check all the same. That seems to make sense though, that they would offer two alternative methods. The home test is obviously a recent development.

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