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blue horizon tests

Hi I posted last week as feeling very unwell with extreme brain fog numbnes and tingling in hands and feet clumsiness extreme tiredness and anxiety. My thyroid function results had been elevated TSH and low T4 and T3. My levothyroxine was increased to 150 mcg and T3 remained same at 20 mcg. I have Hashimotos diagnosed 18 years ago.

My results are as follows.

Ferritin 291.4 20-150

TSH 0.05 .27-4.2

FT4 17.91 12-22

Ft3 6.85 3.1-6.8

Vitamin d 107

vitamin B12 253 insufficient 140-250

Folate 12.72 8.8 - 60.8

So looks like thyroid function normal and that I shopuld maybe reduce to 125 mcg?

I take vitamin d 500mcg and have done so for about 6 months.

Please advise

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Did you take T3 before your blood draw?


Hi no I did a fasting blood draw so last t3 and t4 was 24 hours before



You are a little over medicated as FT3 is over range. I would drop Levothyroxine to 125mcg which will let FT3 drop back into range. Being over medicated may be why you are feeling so tired and anxious. It will speed up wash out of the higher level if you skip a couple of T4 and T3 doses prior to reducing T4.

B12 253 is low. The tingling in hands and clumsiness may be due to B12 deficiency. Have a look at the link below and if you think you may be B12 deficient ask for advice on

VitD 107 is optimal but it won't hurt to continue supplementing 500iu until April when there will be sufficient ultraviolet light to stimulate natural vitD.


Hi thanks I have posted on pernicious anaemia site and will reduce to 125 as advised and stop vit d in April

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You'll probably need to resume taking vitD Oct-April to maintain levels.


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