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Wow am I impressed (takes some doing I can tell you). After ordering ft3 only test for £39.40 it took 2 days to arrive. It came as a kit with everything you need, even the plaster. The instructions were very clear and comprehensive. Sent sample off yesterday at 3pm. Results returned today at 1pm by email. How good is that!

Result 3.6 (3.1-6.8)

This was after 5 days of high vit and mineral supplements.

2 weeks of levo at 150 (previously 125)

And 2 days supplementing with raw thyroid and adrenal support from the internet.

I feel vindicated! If they had done this test at the begining or at the hospital I would not have been off work for nearly six weeks and unable to function at all (till the increase in levo). I would love to know what it was back then and wish I had done this sooner, there would then be irrefutable proof that I was not 'swinging the lead' or being a hypocondriac.

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  • That is excellent service and you don't even need to go to a lab.

  • You can see why it's the best advice - if in doubt, have a T3 test. So pleased that you now have the proof that you are still not at optimal level. If the Levo at 150 makes you feel better, that will be great. Look forward to hearing from you as time goes by.

    Marie XX

  • Can you tell me how you got in for that price i can only get 10 pound off with code and that did you manage to get it for that i wish to order one.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Sezzy

    Went to bed early so missed your question till this morning.

    Make sure its the free t3 only test which is £19.45 use the TUK10 code that makes it £9.45 plus the £29.95 fee, total is £39.40. This is including vat and postage.

    Hope that helps. If you are outside uk not sure what the postage is.

    Please let me know how you get on.


  • For home test kit with finger prick? Do you have a link i can only find it at $60. Thanks for reply x

  • Im in uk x

  • Hi Sezzy

    Genova in the uk do a finger prick test but it is much more expensive.

    Blue horizon send you everything you need (exccept the courage) to do the vacutube at home. If you're not brave enough you can go to any surgery or clinic that has a phlebotomy nurse, they charge around £15 for this, but it still works out cheaper than the finger prick tests.

    Please don't let this put you off doing it. It took me a good couple of hours to work up the courage but it was really easy and painless (much less than most nurses lol). But then I do have a vein that's just begging to be used. As with nurses, if you clench your fist a couple of times it helps to raise the vein.

    I know the finger prick test is a lot less formidable but you pay for that. If you need it be brave and go for it. Chances are you will need to do this again in the future and when you have done it once its much easier subsequently.

    I'm only recent here and haven't read about anyone doing a home test and thought it would help to hear from someone who had.

    Good luck, if you need to chat mesage me direct and we can talk directly.


  • The littel tube you put blood in? I have looked on blue horizon can only find it for 60 plus. Im not bothered about the method just the price lol x

  • Found it.... so i draw the blood myself is itsafe to do?x

  • If you follow the instructions it's perfectly safe. We have all been stabbed repeatedly by inexperienced nurses, this is the worst that can happen lol. It all arrives in sterile packaging including the sterile wipe. It has safety features so that there is no chance of injury after use. Dispose of used kit at your local surgery in their 'sharps' container, please do not dispose in a normal bin.

    Take sensible precautions, wash hands and clean the surface you are using. It looks scary but just remember a vein is not very thick so don't push the needle too far in. If you rest the kit on your forearm with your elbow very slightly bent (and i mean very slightly) you will get the angle right, it is fully explained in the instructions. If you don't use a tournequet blood will flow as soon as you are in the vein, that's the clue to stop! lol

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