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Template letter for full tests

I have just written a two page letter with referenced pieces from articles asking my GP for a full thyroid blood count, Free T4 (FT4) and Free T3 (FT3), Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) and Thyroglobulin (TgAb) as well as for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate so that I can gauge whether or not my dose of Levothyroxine is working correctly.

I am currently offered only a TSH.

My TSH is currently 0.06, I have been told to reduce my levo, and the letter asks (among other things) for a trial addition of T3 or failing this some real help as I am at my wits end.

If anyone would like a template version of this letter to use themselves with useless doctors, please inbox me with you email address and I will send it to you to use. I will also update you on the results........(fingers crossed...)

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& good luck !


Hi cal1971,

Well done for writing such a letter and challenging those Drs. I can't offer much to this as I'm a bit clueless on thyroid conditions, but trying to learn. I can really sympathise about the feeling fed up part, I feel so ill and am hitting walls re trying to get thyroxine.

I would love a copy of the letter you wrote if that would be ok please, it would be invaluable to me right now, I just haven't got the brain power to write something like that but would help so much.

Hope you get what you ask for, and keep us updated x


Hope you get the relevant tests Cal. I too only get the TSH and level is low at 0.02 but not doing well. Have had meds reduced to 100 mcg Levo but still have bad symptoms.

I wish you well and please keep us posted. I too would love to see a copy of your letter that I could hand to my GP as each time I try to explain how I feel and ask for more intensive testing I am told that there is no need for it.

Good luck and best wishes - nobody should have to plead for testing or to see specialists when I'll. xx


Hi, I can send you a copy if you let me know your email address in messages?


Hi cal1971

Well done for having the brains to write your letter and tell the doctor/s.i hope they sort your problem out....

I to would love that letter my email is

<Admin deleted>

Many thanks😀😀


Buma, It's not a good idea to post personal email addresses on an open forum so I've deleted it.

Click on Cal1971 username and click on the orange Send Message button top r/h of her profile page to send Cal a private message with your email address.

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my email <personal email address removed>

We very strongly discourage posting of personal email addresses for your own safety and security. I have removed it from this reply.

People can respond by the Private Message system. cal1971 even asked you to respond using messages.

This post is over three years old so you might not get any response.


Cal, you can copy and paste text documents and links into private messages.


Oh, I can't seem to get the document in there and don't want to copy the whole thing in- have emailed the people who asked me for it!


Its two pages, so didn't want to have to post the whole thing in, thought it would be easier to send it by email was all! Am happy to put the whole thing on here though if allowed?

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To everyone who has asked for the template, I am on the case and aim to have them all sent by this evening-please be patient!

Be aware that the letter needs you to fill in the relevant bits about your own health and situation, and asks for a FULL blood test to establish the facts about thyroid function, followed by a short list of possible options that I want my Dr to consider.

I have written it as my own surgery only supplies the TSH test, so don't use this is your surgery gives you a full result anyway- thanks for all the interest!


Some of you may get this in an email as well but I seem to be having issues with sending at the moment ( typically) so have sent it to most of you via messages on here- only problem is the red highlights don't show up so just check through it when you want to use it to make sure you have provided your own information!!!!! x


I would be so appreciative if you could send me a copy of your template, cal1971. I've been having so much trouble dealing with Dr.'s who are anything but professional, knowledgeable, compassionate ...... Or even can speak proper English.

My email is : <email address>

My name is Priscilla Lynch. I live in Shepherdstown, WV. <zip>, and my cell # is <phone> I am very much alone with this living misery. Thankyou so much in advance...-Priscilla. ❤️


I strongly suggest that you do NOT post personal details like email, phone, etc. To be helpful, I shall edit them out of your response. Use the Private Message facility to pass these things on if you wish.

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Thank you for straightening. Me out on the value of privacy. Sometimes it's hard to think logically when one is so desperate and frightened and alone.

I didn't give it any thought, obviously, as to the dangers of opening myself up to the whole world. It's scarey enough as it is.

Again, Thankyou administrator.


Hi there, this sounds fantastic! I would love a copy of this letter. Most GP's I've seen have such a two dimensional view point. My email is <email>

Thank you very much indeed.


I strongly suggest that you do NOT post personal details like email. To be helpful, I shall edit it out of your response. Use the Private Message facility to pass these things on if you wish.


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