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Private tests 100% normal


I am currently being treated for anti phospolipid syndrome,and sjorgrens,and have felt rubbish for 13 years.

I am a member of the sticky blood help site and they advise that thyroid issues often go hand in hand with these and to get them thoroughly checked.

gp always says normal,but only does tsh, so yesterday I did the med checks test

My results have come back with a cover note saying 100% normal

I am pleased,but would like you very knowledgeable people to have a look at them for me if you would.

thanks in advance.

tsh 1.86. range 0.27-4.2

free thyroxine 15.3 range 12.0-22.0

free t3 4.6 range 3.1-6.8

antibodies 13.3. Range 0-34

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Hi Donnabrain,

Thyroid results are euthyroid (normal) and are typical results for someone not taking thyroid hormone replacement.

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are negative. Were thyroglobulin antibodies tested?


no,just the ones listed



Some people are negative for thyroid peroxidase antibodies but may be positive for thyroglobulin antibodies so negative thyroid peroxidase doesn't conclusively rule out autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's).


sorry just checked again,yes that was fine too


It could be helpful to have vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin tested. These are commonly low with thyroid, or may give similar symptoms in their own right.

If GP is reluctant to do these then Medichecks offer testing. Many of us get these tested along side full Thyroid in the Thyroid plus ultra vitamin test £99

When you did this test, did you do it as early in morning as possible & fasting?

As Clutter says - where is TG antibodies test result

Though as you say you have RA it might be positive due to that anyway. A high thyroglobulin antibodies test can be due to several autoimmune conditions, or have no apparent cause.


dr gives me D3 as was found to be low by the lupus unit

had b12 and ferratin done at GP on Monday,but not got results yet

have often been low in iron and given a course bit they never investigate why


Might be a good idea to get vitamin d level checked - GP's normally only prescribe 800iu vitamin D. (Which is barely a maintenance dose)

Often if we have autoimmune disease or thyroid issues we need higher dose than this. So even though your supplementing you may still be low.

Looking to get level to at least 70nmol/L. But nearer 100 may be better - postal test costs £28

Really needs checking twice a year till you work out what dose keeps you stable. May need higher dose in winter than summer.

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lupus unit checked them after prescribing and say its now resolved

makes sense though to have more in winter,will ask about it at next appt.

the ones they give me are not the ones gp,s usually prescribe,I remember the dr saying so.

definitely won't be getting any other tests privately though as am on benefits,and took ages getting around to having these due to lack of funds.

tax credits rang me this morning to let me know that my payments are reducing,so absolutely nothing spare any more

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