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Could anyone please help me with blood spot test results?

This is my latest blood test and am due to see my doc this week and would love to be able to speak knowledgeably....

Free T4. 1.2

Free T3 2.3

TSH <0.2

TPOab 26

Many thanks. Am currently on Thyroid S but have run out of T3 and despite everything even when on T3 my hair gets thinner and thinner......any suggestions? Thank you again for any help

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Please add the ranges as they do vary from lab to lab 😊


FreeT 4 0.7-2.5 ng/dl

Free T3 2.4-4.2 pg/mL

TSH 0.5-3.0 ?U/mL

TPOab 0-150 IU/ML (70-150 borderline)

The ? Is for the symbol for one not on my phone...

Thank you


Sorry not familiar with those ranges - where did you have the tests done ? Think it could be Total T4 and not the Free. Did you have them done in the US ? Negative for Hashimotos.

How are your levels of B12 - folate - Ferritin - VitD ? If low then it could be the cause of hair loss. Am not familiar with Thyroid S - so others will be along soon and comment :-)


ZRT lab and yes it is American. Take Iron, B12 and Vit D daily, need to get them tested too. Thanks for your help. I self import the Thiroyd S, suits me better than the other NDTs I have tried.

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No point testing B12 once supplementing as results will be skewed. Did you test before supplementing ?


Free T4. 1.2 (0.7-2.5)

Free T3 2.3 (2.4-4.2)

So, your FT3 is under-range! And your FT4 is below mid-range. How much Thyroid S are you taking? You obviously need an increase in dose. But, to have an FT3 that low when taking NDT, speaks of very, very poor conversion.


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