Bum covering endo letter

Well just when you thought I was a bit of a hero getting NDT on the NHS.......snatched from the jaws of victory. Seriously though had a letter this morning that smacks of a cover up with nasty undertones. I dared to question a recent blood test as it was impressed upon me it was ok to do on the day of taking meds. It came up as at3 being over range at 6.9 and TSH at 0.03 (and?!) I was asked to halve my dose to 1 grain. I emailed asking would it be ok to do another retest without meds as I clearly wasn't hyperthyroid (not even slightly) I receive a letter this morning from another Endo saying he never believed I had hypothyroidism as all levels within range 3.28 TSH 9.6 T4 and T3 3.4. Yeah right. He didn't actually mention T3. Ferritin is normal (it's 22) but I do have a history of anxiety and depression (really?) I had panic attacks for 25 years and they stopped as soon as I had thyroid therapy. He closed the letter saying I should be tested for Epstein Barr virus (that's herpes to you and I folks!) My family history of hypo got a small mention. Am I furious? Oh yes! Will he get an equally snotty letter, oh yeah. Just one thing, can I have some anecdotal evidence re TSH suppression and NDT plus and not taking meds on day of test. Thanks x

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Never never never get a thyroid test if you have taken thyroid meds in previous 24 hours

and sorry Ferritin is in no way OK unless its HALFWAY in its range

yours at 22 is NOT

I know, I've said that and I also expressed my concern at having the test done that day but he said it didn't make a difference do I kept my fingers crossed

Jody, does that mean that all treatment is stopped or you remain on 1 grain?

Thanks for the links clutter. For now he wants me to go to 1 grain (I'm not) Im thinking to remain on 2 then retest on a day with no meds and prove him wrong. If that fails then I guess I'll go private. I'm not going to put myself through hell just so he can feel justified. I'm of the opinion this has come about as a conflict between colleagues. One happily supplies Armour, he is not one of them

Jody, It is a bit peculiar that a different endo than the one you wrote to has replied. Unless he is senior to your endo and is overriding him.

Yes that's what I believe has happened. You can tell by the tone of the letter. It's pretty harsh



Research referencesto the text below are at the end of the link below:

Any thyroid medication that contains T3, like Cytomel or desiccated thyroid, will suppress TSH levels. [7] One study (on rats) determined that the relative potency of T3 to T4, in terms of its ability to inhibit TSH, was 100:12. [8] The direct T3 in the blood is sensed by the hypothalamus/pituitary, the body determines that no additional thyroid is needed, so no TSH is released...


Email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk for a copy of the Pulse online article by Dr Toft who was President of the British Thyroid Association in it he says about suppression (he also mentions the T3 shouldn't be high) but it would be if you had just taken medication. He dies have a sentence in it, which you will ready, and know that most think the same way. At least he says about having a low TSH or suppressed.

This is another link:





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Aha, I see. Still not sure how to respond to his letter. Initially I was fuming and wanted to make an official complaint but I realise I may get a sense of satisfaction but he may make my life more difficult ie take me off armour so I'm snookered

With my ridiculously slow brain, I read your heading for this post, and thought: 'Oh gosh, not another symptom of hypo that I wasn't aware of' (ie 'bum' related ;-) ).... then I realised....

I have to say that I haven't laughed so much since I started to have these cognitive problems - sadly mostly at myself, not with myself!

Believe it or not, I have 3 academic degrees and I used to have a functioning brain....

If he thinks ferritin is ok at that level, I believe there is a BMJ article on that - my endo referred to it, let me know if you would like me to see if I can find it....

It is so hard when you think you have a way forward, and to them it is just a job, whereas for us it is our whole lives, so of course, we feel strong emotions. I wish you the best of luck...

Haha! Glad I made you chuckle. Yes send me that article if you would x

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