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Lancet Letter now published

Our small letter comparing rat and human thyroid function is now out in the Lancet. This is only a small communication replying to Bianco et al's earlier one in which he was certainly trying to steal a march on us re supporting the use of T3 as an additional supplement in thyroid failure from a "rat" perspective. The letter is with Lyn Mynott in pdf form and should be generally available to readers. But a Lancet letter does have the advantage of publicising our work and conclusions to a wide medical audience in digestible form, if they haven't read our more complicated papers.

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Brilliant and once again congratulations.


Sorry to be disrespectful of our endocrinology profession, but I am afraid I glided over your last sentence as reading:

But a Lancet letter does have the advantage of publicising our work and conclusions to a wide medical audience in digestible form, if they haven't understood our more complicated papers.

Lancet coverage is, as you say, extremely valuable. :-)


Well done, 'digestible form' - perfect for the busy doctor, I like that.


This paper is available free at . You may have to register to get free access.

It strikes me as absurd that doctors always assume the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid axis is functioning normally when using blood tests to titrate medication. If the TSH is lower than it should be for given fT3, fT4 it will cause hypothyroidism due to a lower 'set point' and impaired deiodinase. The set point could be downregulated due to a prior period of hyperthyroidism (possibly not detected) or e.g. depression. In this case the 'rules' regarding the use of blood tests do not apply.


Gosh I hope this info also reaches France! Yes I'm being serious, given my doc will still only prescribe for TSH testing.

My own research has only recently taken me to the HPT axis, relative to my TB infected gland removed when a baby. By putting my previous and current ongoing health history together I'm convinced that's why my thyroid is almost shot, I also think not taking other practiced meds has helped the Thyroxine work better. Never saw blood test results between 2000 and 2008 kept whole time on 100mcg from start to finish. Think I also wrote something about the HPT axis just a couple of nights ago here on TUK. Now having been diagnosed this year with Hashis, although a blood cell disorder was found in 2012, I'm no further forward on that one! Too many events health and personal in between.

This coming Tuesday, I'm going for a complete? Health check, Under the guise of State of the (French) Nations health. I had to initially complete a questionnaire, return it and if thought appropriate they would check my health records here since 2008, and call me in - well they have! Going to do a blood test,dental check, weight, BP et al - all in a clinic I've not heard of, not the Hospital where I usually go. It's a full no, eating,drinking or smoking 12 hours before test, from 9.45 Monday Eve. But I can take my normal medication. Think I can live without Levo till testing finished, however, I know I'll be on way back home and by the time there and sorts out, will be able to eat my cereal breakfast.

Do you know if it might be worth asking for anything specific to be looked at or tested, given I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's earlier this year?


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