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Results can someone help?

I have had many symptoms indicating underactive thyroid for years. My doctor agreed to do a full test and results as follows:

TSH 1.37 (last time was 0.4)

T4 13.8

T3 5.50

Anti TPO 0.6 negative

B12 674

Folate 9.6

Ferritin 111

Iron 25.9

Cortisol 407

The form says tell patient normal. If it is all normal why do I feel so bad? What else could it possibly be?

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well if your TSH used to be 0.4 and has now risen that's one reason

but what where your t4 and t3 results before


Hi, they didn't do any others before only TSH but having joined here I insisted and luckily they agreed


well your t4 could be higher and your t3

but I think you will have an uphill battle getting them to face it

have you thought of self medicating


I was hoping the doctor would let me do a trial but not sure she will. If I could self medicate I would but not sure where to begin :(


The best type of Dr to go to is a holistic or integrative functional type Dr. They may cost more, so If you can afford the money I strongly recommend you bypass your regular doctors and any specialists (Endocrinologists) and head straight to a holistic/integrative Dr who will run all the correct tests and treat you effectively.

If you don't then you will continue to suffer, not get proper testing and waste your years fighting this battle. Believe me I've been there.

If you don't know which Dr to go to I suggest Google search holistic or functional or integrative Drs in your area.

To find out best Drs and to get some feedback on your results head to one of the facebook support groups where there are thousands of people able to respond and help you. Patients who have experienced this.


****To understand your results, I really need to see the lab range given on your results as each lab is different and in different countries, however you can learn more about lab test results here:


Some good videos to see are below:

Why the TSH test is not enough:

What tests you should have done & what is the best type of medication:

What to look for in a good thyroid Dr:

You also want a Dr who won't just use the generic standard synthetic medications (Levo-Thyroxine or Synthroid) but will also consider & know how to use the alternative bio-identical hormone medicine called "Natural Desiccated Thyroid Extract"(NDT), which is just as if not more effective for most people.

What does your thyroid do and what hypothyroidism is:

You will get there and feel normal again.

Wishing you all the best. xxx Melanie

P.S I am in no way affiliated with any of the above and just passing on my experience and knowledge hoping to help other who are battling to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Thank you Melanie! That is exactly the road I will choose to go down :) and thank you for the amazing amount of info. I have tried to read up as much as possible thinking "knowledge is power" I just want to feel well again




That's ok you will get there with the right help and your own research.

I can't comment on your results as there are no lab ranges and they differ depending on lab and country. I'm in Australia so I don't know where you sit in these ranges (high, mid, low etc.)

The blood cortisol is not the best way to test. You need to do a 4 point saliva test to really know what is going on with your adrenals. I'm sure if you need to, then a holistic GP can help with that and do the right blood tests to rule out any adrenal disease. A blood cortisol test will not provide the sufficient information if you are suspecting an adrenal/cortisol problem.

Yes your spot on...knowledge is power. xxx:)


The TSH was 0.35-4.94

T4 was 9.1-19.05

T3 was 2.63-5.70

Does that help?


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