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Can someone help please,

Ive been in thyroxine for 4 years now ive had blood tests and my tsh came back at 3.7 but my antibodies are 503 im over weight and cant loose more than 2 lb im sick and tired of being told my thyroid is normal it obviously isnt as I cant loose weight im shattered all the time I have really bad memory problems im 36 not 96 can anybody help me please.


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Hi Kerry & welcome

best get a print out of your results and post them here for folk to comment. (FreeT3 FreeT4 if you have them - TSH can be up/down variable)

A TSH of 3.7 is way too high - not a good idea to take levo morning before tests, and raised antibodies means an autoimmune attack - this can be eased if you go gluten free, well reported - but hard.

Also you need further blood tests to check if you have nutrient deficiency/low levels, a short list to start (us Thyroidies tend to be low) ...

iron (folate is the storage sort) - can cause joint pain, essential

B12 & folate - essential for correct nerve system function

vitamin D - essential pro hormone/seco steriod - underpins loads of functions

J :D


Hi I do have vit d3 deficiency also and the doc dont care dont want to know about any other blood tests im hiting my head against a brick wall and dont even know what tests to ask them for as when I have blood tests the doc just says they are normal like my antibodies they told me 503 was normal I found out it wasnt by accedent my gp is useless.



Kerry - you have the right to get all your own records, start with your blood tests - ring the surgery and say you want a copy of your blood tests for collection.

you could get a copy of the book "your Thyroid, how to keep it healthy"(at most chemists for £5) - most find a TSH of around 1 is optimal.

I'll never understand why docs tell patients they're 'normal' when we know were're not! Reassurance it's in your head - NO!

Vitamin D's importance has been recognised by the chief medical officers of Scotland England Wales..

take that to your GP - mine just said go to boots - I got Biocare drops 3-4000iu daily for 3 months brought my levels up nicely.(daughter/granddaughter deficient) - I don't supplement summer now - yet I've always been a sunseeker.

GPs test iron levels , B12 & folate should also be tested as it is common with thryoid disease (low metabolic rate, often low stomach acid)

Read up - be empowered - stand tall & achieve health, deep breathe & good luck! :D


Thank you I will be making an appointment on monday notes in hand


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Hi Kerry, so many people with your same problem here. I don't know why doctors keep sick patients with high TSH levels which should be down to 1.0 NOT almost 4. You not only will gain weight but every functioning organ slows down. It could be as simple as raising your dose which I hope is more than 75 mcgs. or changing to NDT to get more action out of the hormone or all the things that Sparerib pointed out.

It does take investigation but few doctors will do it.

It all has to work together.


Kerry, I'm so sorry for what you're going through, and I can relate. It sounds like you need a new doctor, and one who cares enough to check to see if you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. The high TSH and high antibodies (though I'm not sure which antibodies test you had) indicate that there's an autoimmune disorder in place - likely Hashimotos. You might want to start taking selenium 200 - 400 mcg per day, and take the advice to eliminate gluten from your diet, as these things help people with Hashimotos to feel better. Speaking of the antibodies, were you given the range to indicate what "normal" is, and do you know which antibody test you had? 3.7 TSH is way too high... seems you are likely also undermedicated with your thyroid meds.


What are antibodies? how do you learn about them?

My thyroid is hypo and my doctor gave me more levo even though I am in range He said we still have wiggle room. He did this because of the effort I put in to losing weight and the poor results I have gotten.


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