Can someone help me with results?

Well I thought it was all going too well. After reading on here the importance of having a full blood profile done and ensuring that as thyroid suffers, we convert thyroxine better if our ranges are in the upper levels, I went along and asked my GP for such a profile, no problem, he agreed! The results have come back (he didn't do the ferritin and folate) but the Vit D3 is 33.000 nmol/L (range 25 to 50 nmol/L = insufficiency) so he advised buying some OTC tablets which I have and have started taking them. B12 results were 286.000 ng/L (range 200-700) as I have symptoms of itchy skin, lethargy, joint stiffness, gut upsets, blurred vision, pins and needles in fingers and walking into things, with my result being in the very low edge of the range I asked for B12 treatment. It was made very clear to me that whilst my results were in range, it would not be medically ethical for him to support treatment with B12. He dismisses my symptoms as just getting older and I have to accept it. I wanted to mention that I believe my Mother had pernicious anaemia (I remember her talking about it as a child, but back in those days no-one ever really discussed their health and I remember her being very tired and pale and she died of breast cancer aged just 64 which they say she had had for a very long time before diagnosis) but his attitude put me right off. I wanted to cry, it has rolled around in my head all night and I have hardly slept, could still cry. He told me that he had looked at the Thyroid Uk site and said it was 'quack garbage' he was just rude but trying to be funny, if you know what I mean? I tried to say that whilst he/the lab keep trying to encourage me to reduce my dose of Thyroxine, perhaps if we tried medication for B12 and increased the level, then my symptoms might subside and I would then be happy to reduce thyroxine, but he wasnt listening. It all makes perfect sense to me so I cant see why he should be so dismissive, but I do not want to go back and see him, I think I will see another new GP to the Practice. Can anyone of you on here give me your advice? Shall I buy OTC B12 and start taking that and see if my symptoms improve?

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  • hi there linkit , I think that this gp NEEDS to read up on some of the published articles AND published books from the more informed recognised medical practictioners .....dr p , dr s and others [ including accepted universeties ] before he/she dismisses the FACTS and goes down the conformist route ...... I would get 1 of them and present it to him/her --as a present -- it may well open their eyes .... if they can be bothered to actually read it ......alan x

  • I am so sorry you are being treated like this. I have often been incensed by what I have read on this forum, and shocked at the ignorance of GPs in general. Now that I am feeling a little better and able to get up in the morning, (Erfa NDT) I intend to take my "normal" test results apart, and point out how so many so called normal things in the test were far from normal - putting my researchers hat back on. It isn't easy to come to terms with, but we are all just going to fight it out individually, but we all have each other for support here - Become your own expert X

  • P.S.

    BTW, I think our Forum motto ought to be "Il ne bastardo carborundum" (Latin)

    "Don't let the barstewards grind you down" (English) !!!!

  • the word that I use is DRATSAB...... it works in official meetings for me --- because by the time anyone has worked it out you have gone on to another subject ......and no one can return to your comment ....... sometime ALL of us worms WILL turn and turn it around ......alan xx

  • Please tell me what it means!!!! X

  • s p e l l ..I t .. backwards ...!!!!!

  • Duh! Of course! X Sorry to butt in in your thread linkit! X

  • eureka moment ....!!!! well done sheenah does work sometimes doesn't it .....--- loads of yuks .....alan xx

  • Thanks guys, you know its being on this forum that has helped me the most! I mean when first diagnosed (over 14 years ago) he told me to take my thyroxine with my first cup of tea in the morning! I think it has taken me a long time to realise that he hasn't an interest in thyroid disease and hasnt an interest in patients who try to take some responsibility for themselves! I certainly would buy him the book, but because of whats happened to Drs S & P he would dismiss the reading as rubbish :-(

  • What makes it worse is the fact that I work within general practice with these anally retentive individuals and hear their comments about patients who come armed with information, and then tag them with the label 'worried well' or worse still 'compulsive obsessive'!! The thing is complaining only gets YOU the patient a worse service not better. They are completely unable to reflect on their behaviour. x

  • Change doctors ..I too had a terrible time with my doctor but after many arguments and meetings with practice manager we now work together ..he's went against my endocrinologist and got me in to see ..In his opinion a better equipped to deal with thyroid endocrinologist. ..he's also gone against the blood tests and upped my levothyroxine. ..we are working together now..I'm still in bed most days .I'm still in pain ..he's getting my adrenals checked as I suggested and he's read up on it and said he's learnt so much from me lol...he's young and hopefully no one he sees again like me will ever walk away from his surgery with ...your bloods are normal ....ringing in there ears...

  • I cannot understand why he did not test ferritin and folate that is vital just the same as B12 is

    Contact the Pernicous Aneamia Association/charity sure they will know how you can get help

    plus watch the U tube videa of Dr Chandry speaking at PA conference

  • Thanks reallyfedup I never thought to look to UTube I will do that x

  • It is easy to get Vitamin B12 tablets. I buy mine on Amazon. I get the sublingual ones as they dissolve in your mouth and go directly into your bloodstream. They must be methylcobalamin B12 not cyanocobalamin. Excess is excreted in urine.

    If you supplement with Vitamin D, it must be D3 and not D2.

  • Thanks very much Shaws, will get onto that now.

  • See the heading below - Read next - and you will see - Could this be Pernicious anaemia ? Click on and see if there are any helpful points. I can see that Hampster1 has posted and her knowledge is excellent - along with others....

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