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blood test results any advice

I had a partial thyroidectomy in October 2014 and am feeling and displaying hypothyroid symptoms - basically feel terrible!

Just got back from seeing my doctor, he said he felt my blood results were normal and was unwilling to treat me based on my clinical symptoms - he did however admit this was because he is not an expert in the field and could only look at the recommended figures he works to - because of this he has agreed to refer me to an endocrinologist hopefully this is a step in the right direction to treatment.

My most recent blood results are

Cholesterol 6

TSH 2.9 (0.4-4.9)

serum free T4 13.4 (9-19)

serum free T3 4.7 (2.6-5.7)

SE thyroid peroxidate Ab conc 1 iu/ml (0.00 - 6.00)

serum vitamin B12 655 ng/l (187-883 ng/l)

I have no idea if I have put the important ones down hopefully I have - any feedback would be gratefully received

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TinaTina, I can't add anything to my previous comments on your thyroid results other than you are negative for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). I hope you don't have to wait long for an endo appt.

Cholesterol is probably high due to low thyroid.

B12 is good.


time your GP did the most basic homework on thyroid

your TSH should be below 1 and your Free t4 and free t3 should be in UPPER quadrant of their ranges

simple answer is yours are not hence why after a thyroidectomy you feel ill


I feel the same TinaTina .Had mind done 9 weeks ago and feel terrible .Was told my bloods were ok and discharged last week .


you're going to have to be firm with your doctors, Tina and Kath. Forums like this demonstrate that, for thyroid problems anyway, British doctors do not have a clue. The best you can do is gently insist that you are Not Right and that if your doc can't be a*sed to inform him/herself about your condition then s/he must refer you to someone who does know something about it. Sadly, Endocrinologists do not necessarily know anything about thyroid either (most specialise in diabetes).

Meanwhile continue to inform yourselves as much as possible about thyroidism and how you are, so that you become your own expert. Sadly, for those who use this forum and others like it, it is the only way - our doctors are failing us big time. When you go for appointments write down what you've found out, what you want to ask about it, and what you want the doc to do. Take someone with you if you can.

Are neither of you on any meds?


Humphrey I rang the hospital today and asked them to send me a copy of my blood results so when I get them I will be posting them on here and hope someone will explain them for me.

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Hi Humphrey

Thanks for your reply I am on no meds and took a symptom sheet for hypothyroidism with loads of ticks, also a sheet with details of when I should be treated ie guides for tsh, t3,t4 and the doc almost laughed at me saying my research was not medical!!

After pressure he reluctantly agreed to refer me to an endo - he did type however my bloods were normal (in his opinion!) on his request for referral !!

I wish I knew this before I had my huge nodule removed not sure what's worse the uncertainty of a 6cm nodule or feeling like I do now!

So pleased with the advice on this site and the members who make me realise it's not in my mind x

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Hi there Humphrey I was always told before I had the op my bloods were borderline whatever that means .Had them done a month ago and they said everything is ok .Do you still have your thyroid?


I'm not on any Meds was told I didn't need them .


Did you have a partial thyroidectomy too, Kath?


Yes had left side removed due to large Goiter.

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