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Any advice blood results

Hi I have just had some blood tests done here are my results, free t3 4.6 pmol/l (3.1-6.8),

free thyroxine 14 pmol/l (12-22),

serum free t4 12.7pmol/l (9-19.1)

tsh. 1.09 miu/l ( 0.27-4.2)

white cell count 4.6 9/l. ( 4.5-13)

Neutrophil count 2.21 9/l ( 2-7.5)

Serum folate 8.7 ug/l (1.8- 18.3)

Serum ferritin 34ug/l. (10-204)

Gfr 74ml/min. ( 60-200)

Calcium 2.27mmol/l. (2.2-2.6)

B12 427 ng/l (187-883)

iv not been feeling well, very tired, light headed, weak, and feelings of depression do you think any of the results might have something to do with how I'm feeling?, thanks

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Are you on thyroid medication? If so, these test results suggest you are low in range in both T4 and T3 and should be on a higher dose. Most of the other results are either below range or low in range, and if you have an under active thyroid they need to be high in range. So I'm not surprised that you feel unwell. Can you go back to your doctor and talk this through to get thyroid medication and supplements?


Hi thanks for reply, I am not on any thyroid med, I see my doc to go over results in a week, I didn't think he would be able to prescribe me anything as I fall within normal range? Thanks


I think you're right georgey if you're not on medication, the thyroid results wouldn't indicate the need for treatment. I hope you get some more responses which might help. Calcium is very low in range. It's not something I know much about, but you could post another question and see if someone else can comment.


Thankyou, I'm thinking maybe iron levels low too so hopefully the doc can give me some advice,


Hi my results have come back as Thyroid FRee T4 15.8, TSH levels 1.43 and Free T3 4.0, please advise where I go from here and if I need medication x as feel generally very un well and have RA autoimmune disease and Fibro so not feeling great at the moment


I should see about getting your minerals and vitamins higher and see if that makes you feel and better, if not may be ask your GP for a trial


Thanks for advice :)


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