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daughters bloods just received - underactive Hashi's

GP said she need to reduce her dose of levo, she is currently on 150mgs, She is due to see new endo at the Whittington Hospital 20th May, but she is suffering badly with reflux and taking ranitidine x2 daily. She has a good diet {paleo AI} and taking supplements: zinc, vit C, B12, D3, Magnesium, Selenium.

T4: 26.0 {12 - 21}

TSH: 0.1 {01 - 0.50}

T3: 4.8 {3.50 - 7.70}

any advice, thought we had this sortedish.

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looks to me like she is not converting the levo t4 into the t3 her cells need

maybe ferritin or folate or b12 or vitd3 is low

maybe she has the D102 gene and thus needs only T3


thanks for that really helpful. Would we have to go private for this test or does the NHS test?


Theres no reason on earth why any GP cannot order

T3 test

Thyroid antibodies

Vit b12



suggest to the GP that your intensive resrach has led you to believe she either has

Central /2ndary Hypothyroid

Pernicous anaemia

or Thyroid hormone resistance

inability to convert levo T4 into t3

D102 to prove latter may have to be private


think I better get her test for D102... thank you again


I agree, she's not converting. The low T3 is causing her symptoms.

And the reflux is probably caused by low stomach acid, rather than high, as she's so hypo. So the ranitidine could be making things worse, and preventing her from absorbing the supplements she's taking, which in turn could make her conversion even worse. Best to get her vits and mins tested again. Ferritin, iron, vit D, vit B12 and folate.

Her GP doesn't know what he's talking about, because lowering her levo is only going to lower her T3 and make her worse. What she needs it some T3 added to her reduced levo.

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Thanks for this Doc is a she but she really has no idea so I will have to speak to endo on 20 may - might bring it fwd. I was going to decrease her meds but I won't as you have suggested. Her D3 was 159 {55-250} so not bad... I don't have the results in front of me as my sister pass over the phone will see them tonight.


just ordered the test for DI02 result take about 10-15 working days and results have to be sent our GP even though I've paid for them, something to do with the law. Anyways, it is a step hopefully in the right direction.

thanks again


You're welcome. :)


The ranatadine will be messing up most things. If you are hypothyroid high acid is rarely a problem, but low acid is. Here is a link to more info......

X. G


I was having reflux every day, especially when trying to sleep. Started taking apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with with meals, and its pretty much gone away. Am now now finding I probably need the drink quite rarely to top up - less than one a day, but haven't been going long enough to be sure.


thanks for this but she did try that ...because she has Hashi's it seems she fluctuates between hypo & hyper. So it seems I will stop reflux meds and reduce her 150mgs to 125 until she see her endo in May.


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