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Daughters Blood results


Daughter had bad time with this. She was hypo then hyper and then was sent to hospital. Doctor said he had never seen anything like it in his 25 years of being a doctor. She was given a choice of three treatments, one was radio active meds but she would have to keep away from her kids for 30 days, possibly surgery or these other pills which had a 80 per cent chance of working. She took the pills. Every time she had a sore throat she had to have an emergency blood test. That treatment was not pleasant. She was told she had Hashimoto's. Now they are telling her she could be cured. Yet now she is putting weight on at rapid rate. This result was from last month. She is due another test soon. Are these results normal?

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I don't think anybody can tell you, as I don't see the "in range" figures.

like TSH 18. (10-20) or (20-40)

see the difference in explaining a result?

and, I have never heard of hashimotos beeing cured, just well controlled with diet.

to tell about , in what state of health the thyroid is in, you need the ft3 and ft4 results.

also some of her vitamins






if they're too low, (need to be optimal, top of the range) for us with hashies.

if you have more test results with ranges, please show them for members to better understand the results.


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I forgot, thyroid bloodtest should always be done early, fasting and the same time of day if possiable.

if supplements who have biotin in them are taken, she needs to hold them back for 3 or better 5 days before blood taken. biotin is messing with the results. not much, but it does!

scotkaz in reply to christa1

Is there a way to add more pics onto a post without creating a new one? I added the wrong photo

christa1 in reply to scotkaz

i think you can open your post with the edit button [underneath your post] there you can take the wrong one out and add the new ones. if that is not possible, just add a pic in the replay. on the other hand, just typ the result in?

scotkaz in reply to christa1

I have added the B12 one will need to get the rest off daughter as she only sent small part of results no ranges

Hi scotkaz. I don't see any thyroid blood results, only the page with ferritin. Can you please repost her bloods, or create a new post if you can't?

Are you sure she does have Graves Disease, not Hashimoto's? Graves it treated with radio active iodine, but Hashimoto's is not ever treated with it. It is very concerning if she really does have Hashi's and this doctor gave her three choices of treatment and told her she could be "cured". Hashimoto's and Graves cannot be cured. Both are autoimmune diseases and both cannot be cured. If a person with Hashimoto's was given RAI, this would make them even more hypo. If she is putting on weight at a massive rate, it sounds like she is more hypo. The only treatment for Hashi's is thyroid medication. I am so sorry if this doctor misdiagnosed her and or mistreated her and has now made her much worse. :-(

I am changing the photo of her results now

Muffy in reply to scotkaz

Being under active, lowt3 would show this, she would possibly get palpitations and headaches. I and one of my daughters had both until we were treated with liothyronine. Having an FT3 test would be advisable.

They gave her Carbimazole. She was on that for 18 months. We are at a loss right now because she really is not getting better. She says "They mentioned Graves’ disease and hashimotos

And autoimmune

And still on beta blockers for palpitations and headaches

The only way to truly diagnose Graves is by looking for TSI and TRAb antibodies. TPO and TG are Hashimotos. If that hasn't been done, you don't know if she has Graves. The current results are euthyroid (normal).

Just going to put her results up and remove the other pic

Those results are currently euthryoid (good), But if the results previously fluctuated you need to get a complete thyroid panel done (will have to be private as NHS won't do it) to see what is going on. TSH, Free T3, free t4 TPO and TG antibodies. It is probably Autoimmune thyroid disease (hashimotos) which causes bloods to fluctuate from hyper to normal to hypo as the antibodies destroy the thyroid. Alternatively, the odd test results could be caused by a multivitamin or B vitamin containing biotin which gives invalid tests results. It sounds as though they were treating her for Hyper with carbimazole without having full information (that can cause low immunity and therefore sore throats etc). You need to know what all the results were and what she is taking. If it is hashis, she'll go hypo again soon and the whole thing will start up again.

Posted them up. In our family there is Pernicious Anemia, Hypothyroidism, genetic haemochromatosis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, Autism, dad had heart condition cardiomyopathy and ischaemic heart disease, parkinsons, dementia, cancer Oh and my middle daughter took acute autoimmune haemolytic anaemia as a child. Several of us have had Helicobacter and other stomach issues. Some of us have been tested for celiac but all negative. We sound a lovely bunch lol

I too am hashis and graves and on titration doses of carbimazole, i often wondered if i should have been given levo but endo says no i was hyper even though he refused tsi test, 😕

So i her daughters case if she has both hashi and graves which would be the treatment levo or carbi?? Just like me im on titration 2.5 dose now but endo says you have graves-no tsi test needed!!

I may add now they removed thyroid meds and she has to be tested every month. She now is only on beta blockers gabapentin and amitriptyline because she is sore all over.

JennaShi in reply to scotkaz

Has she tested for food allergies? It could be helpful is she were to remove gluten and dair atleast from her diet for a while if there were triggering an autoimmune response.

I was previously hyper/ graves before I got the radioactive treatment and am now hyp/ hashi but still have tsi antibodies. Glad she chose not to do the radio active treatment, its effective but not good.

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