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Just received my results

Hello! I've just got a my test results from Genova Labs. They are not what I was hoping for, I wanted to see the thyroid antibodies high so I could diagnose Hashimotos and have an explanation for what is happening to me. Anyway here they are:

Total T4: 101.0

Free T4: 16.3

Free T3: 5.37

FT4:FT3 ratio: 3.0

TSH: 1.33

Thyroglobulin: less than 20.0

Peroxidase: less than 10.0

I'm going to try the basal temperature test, but i've mostly given up on this being a thyroid issue (even though it really really feels like it). I haven't had any ultrasound on my neck, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get it from my doctor. Where do I go from here then? Does a trial of NDT (Thyroid-S) sound like a smart idea. Surely if it positively affects me then that will be an indication of a thyroid issue. And if there are adverse symptoms then I can just stop taking it.

I've just started a gluten + dairy free diet. Any advice/links would be much appreciated! Also I am stopping all drink/drugs, trying to shape a good sleep cycle and exercise routine (although exercise has been more difficult).

Finally, what is the consensus on adrenal fatigue and is this worth testing for?

I honestly just want to get back to normal, both physically and mentally (I'm completely fried, I've never felt more frazzled and this is not like me at all. I'm just not myself at all)


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Just been reading your previous post of two months ago - where some of us suggested you had the B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD tested. It seems that didn't happen. So it looks as if thyroid has been ruled out so I do suggest that you have the aforementioned done. LOW B12 can present in a similar way to being Hypo.

Only after the above tests have been completed would I consider the Adrenal Tests. On the STTM website there are some home tests you can do to check out Adrenal issues - temperature taking - torch shining in eyes etc....

Hope you soon feel better...

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I recognise myself in your description of not feeling yourself, so you have my complete sympathy.

Looking at your previous posts, have you considered inflammatory bowel disease?

I have Crohn's and before it was diagnosed, I was exhausted, suffering diarrhoea multiple times a day, occasionally with blood. My blood tests were all fine (you need to check CRP levels, which show inflammation) and I was eventually diagnosed by colonoscopy, having been fobbed off with anxiety and depression for 6 months.

I have recently started getting palpitations, anxiety feelings and insomnia in addition to my usual symptoms, but once again told it's anxiety. My basic thyroid tests are "normal", so I'm thinking of getting a more extensive set done privately.

Have you had your vitamin B12 tested? Iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin D?

From research and advice here, it seems vitamin B12 deficiency shares many symptoms with thyroid issues. Might be worth checking it out.

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Hi Honorsmum, how high does CRP need to be to signify Crohn's? Mine is 4mg (0-5mg).


I'm not sure.

Mine has always been fine z last blood test out it at 1, so it's not a reliable marker.

Do you have symptoms? If so, might be worth asking for a faecal calprotectin test, which is a much more reliable measure of bowel inflammation.


Thank you very much Honorsmum.


No problem.

If you need to know anything about Crohn's, just ask.


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