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Thoughts on my blood tests

Hi everyone,

I have posted recently - I am currently undiagnosed, but due to a doctor who is unsympathetic, I am paying to see a Cons Endo recommended on here in a few weeks.

My main issues: severe migratory pain, fatigue, feeling cold, poor memory and lack of ability to co-ordinate my thoughts.

I have some blood tests to ask you thoughts on:

TSH 2.2 (0.4-4.9)

TPA <1 (0.0-0.6)

Cortisol 330 (101-536)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 38 (20-155)

Prolactin 151 (109-557)

Iron serum 24.1 (9-30.4)

Ferritin 30 (5-204)

Folate 8.4 (3.1-20.5)

B12 537 (187-883)

calcium 2.42 (2.2-2.6)

Cholesterol total 4.3 (<5)

HDL 0.97 (>1.2)

LDL 2.83 (<3.3)

I am aware that Ferritin is a bit low and have started SpaTone.

I also see that HDL the good cholesterol could be higher.

Is there anything else I should have noticed?... numbers confuse me!

Thank you.

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Ariel, You will struggle to find a doctor prepared to diagnose hypothyroidism with TSH 2.2 unless FT4 &/or FT3 are below range. TSH is a pituitary hormone and really doesn't give the full thyroid picture. As your GP won't test FT4 and FT3 can you order private tests from Blue Horizon or Genova via

Ferritin is low, optimal is halfway through range ie around 100. If you can tolerate Ferrous Fumarate this will raise your ferritin/iron faster than Spatone which contains little elemental iron. Take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

There's no vitD result. Low/deficient vitD causes musculoskeletal pain so you can check levels via City Assays in the link above if BH or Genova don't do them.

B12 and folate are okay but a B Complex vitamin should be helpful.

Post results with lab ref ranges in a new question and members will advise.


Thank you Clutter - the endo said exactly the same as you - and thought a gluten and dairy free trial may be appropriate,as I have a daughter with severe allergies.

I had another TSH (including T4 and T3) done so hopeful of the results being illuminating.

At least I feel a professional heard me today.

Thanks again.


Ariel, if you decide to try g-f and dairy-free, eliminate one food group at a time for 2/3 weeks and reintroduce to see whether there are problems or you won't know which food group is the problem and may end up on an unnecessarily restrictive diet.


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