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T3 ?

Hi everyone

My latest blood tests on 150 mcg Levo are :

TSH <0.02 Low

T4 23.6 (8.4-19.1) High

T3 6 (3.8-6.0) Ok

So, i was feeling better on 150mcg but then started to feel bad again which has been a pattern since I was diagnosed a year ago - feel hypo, increase Levo, feel better for a bit and then feel hypo again. I had yet another arguement with the doctor who wanted to decrease Levo based on results alone. I asked for T3 which she said she could only prescribe if an Endo instructs her to.

Upshot is that she is referring me but I I need T3 if my T3 is at the high end of the range? Or is it just for people that don't convert?

I am still aching all over, eyes and skin dry again, hair loss again, gaining weight, falling asleep in the day, brain fog etc.

Through supplementing my vitamin results look better so I will continue:

Ferritin 48

Folate 10.29 (3.0-20.00)

B12 242 (145-914)

Vitamin D being done in a couple of weeks as was forgotten despite me being deficiency last time - grrr!

Advice on T3 before I see a consultant would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Some doctors/endocrinologists might add T3 to your T4 and some will not.

It does look as if you are taking too much levo. Did you have a 24 hour gap between taking levo and your blood test and have it as early as possible?

If you email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse online article. Read question 6 and consult with your GP. Dr Toft was President of the British Thyroid Association.


P.S. Your B12 is far too low (even if in range). It is recommended we have a B12 of 600 or above. Supplement with sublingual methylcobalamin B12 (not cynocobalamin). You cannot overdose as our body absorbs what it requies and excretes excess.


Thank you Shaws. I will get some sublingual B12 as didn't realise it needs to be higher as the doctor said it was excellent! Lol!

Had blood test at 10.30am and don't take Levo before. Can't understand why I still feel rubbish and scared to take less! Hopefully I will find a good Endo.

Thanks again


As long as we are 'in range' (even if nearly falling off the bottom) we are still classed as being 'normal'. If you get a print-out of your results with the ranges (we are entitled) for your own records and post them on a new question for comments. Some good advice and you may not need to see an Endo.


These are a couple of links re B12:


That's really helpful. Thanks again :)


Your B12 is only 12% of the way through the reference range, and your doctor thought this was excellent? What planet is he from?

B12 isn't toxic. You will feel a lot better if you get your level up to the top of the range. Being over the range for B12 won't do you any harm either. (This is NOT the case for other vitamins and minerals - some things only need to be mid-range, it depends on the substance.)

Methylcobalamin, as shaws said, is definitely the best supplement for most people. Jarrow and Solgar do good ones, easily available from Amazon and other supplement sites. Read the reviews before deciding which one you want to take.

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I know, the doctor's obsession with 'in range is amazing' drives me nuts! I am going to keep going with the tablets and use the sublingual too. If it can't do me any harm I might as well.

Thanks very much for your help.


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