Lovely people.. advice on T3 & antibodies please!

Lovely people.. advice on T3 & antibodies please!

Please - I'd love some advice on my Blue Horizon results! I've been hypo for 25 years, since RAI treatment, and on 175 mcg Levo since. In 2014, everything went pear-shaped, I became utterly exhausted, so many awful symptoms, housebound on many days. Vit D was very low (18) but I got that up again to 175. I discovered that for years my T3 had been only just in range and once it was below range.

The only thing that's made a difference to me was starting T3 in May this year. I went up to 40mcg, with no Levo. I felt much better in a few weeks, though I felt the dose wasn't enough. GP suggested I had Levo as well, so I've been trying a dose of 50 Levo, with 43.75 T3.

I still feel a bit hypo, so got these tests done. Do you think I should increase my T3? And what does the antibodies result mean? I'm seeing my endo again this week, and want my thoughts to be clear! Thank you.

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  • Your nutrients levels - Ferritin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and folate, are all good.

    CRP is C-Reactive Protein, a measure of inflammation in the body. You can find more about it at this link :

    Your positive Anti-TPO antibodies show you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (also known as autoimmune hypothyroidism which is the name UK doctors use). People with Hashi's often feel better if they experiment with a gluten-free diet, and it may reduce gut inflammation as well (if that is an issue for you). If you do try it be ruthless for a couple of months to give it a fair chance to help you feel better. You can always go back to eating gluten if it doesn't help.

    There are other possibilities you could try, but don't introduce more than one experiment at a time. Some people benefit from avoiding nightshades, some from avoiding lactose or dairy. What you decide to try or are prepared to try is up to you, but if you do any experiments do stick to them religiously. Don't cut out more food groups than you have to, and if giving something up doesn't help then start eating it again to keep as many food options open as possible.

    Your Free T4 and Free T3 are too low for most of us to feel well. Neither of them have even made it to mid-range. I would suggest that you raise your T3 up to 50mcg per day, and see what that does to your results. If you are relying on your doctor for prescriptions this could be difficult since the NHS is banning it due to cost in may areas. They may start waffling about evidence-based medicine, but ignore that. The real reason for stopping prescriptions of T3 is cost.

    If you can't get more T3 from your doctor then you may have to buy your own online. It may be expensive to the NHS but is is not expensive in some other parts of the world. If you are forced into doing this write a new post and ask for links to sites that sell either Uni-Pharma T3 (from Greece and very popular on this forum) or Tiromel (from Turkey, also popular). Any replies must be sent via private message.

  • humanbean, many thanks for a great reply. I'd just had a UTI, and antibiotics, so I guess that's why CRP was up. Yes, I think i'm not taking enough T3 at the moment. I'll have fun when I see the Endo on Wednesday. In April she told my GP I may like a private trial of T3, but he gave it me on NHS, until he wasn't allowed any more. Yes thanks, I got some Uni-Pharma from Greece.. great stuff! My brother just went to Crete and bought me some too. I wonder what Endo will suggest next..?

    I had Graves in 1987, RAI in 1989, and have had secondary hypthroidism since then. I didn't know I could then have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis / autoimmune hypothyroidism as well?? I must ask Endo about this. Do you know if consultants accept results from Blue Horizon tests?

  • For info on the various thyroid antibodies :

    According to that link TPO Antibodies are also found in Graves Disease. Whether you have just Graves' or Hashimoto's as well... Sorry, I don't know enough to answer and I could have led you astray by mentioning Hashi's.

    Until recently it was rare for GPs to accept and act on private blood test results. I have seen some signs from some members that GPs are getting more relaxed about private results because it saves them money on their budgets. Whether that acceptance has extended as far as consultants? I really don't know, but I do hope so.

  • Thanks again! I'll have plenty of questions at my appointment. Plus some facts too.. I'm determined not to be fobbed off again. I was told previously "without reading from your paper, tell me your worst symptom." Not what I'll accept any more. I've waited 7 months for this follow up appointment, the soonest I could get. Thank goodness for this forum - I've started to get my life back through advice on here, and taking control of my own care.

  • Hi Tara I am new to this site today. I have been amazed at the knowledge and support of everyone. I noticed that you live quite near me. I have graves and had RAI 18 mo the ago. I have had bad hair loss ever since and don't feel quite well. My gp won't help as I am within "normal" range. I am going to try NDT. Can you tell me who your consultant was? I am seeing my gp next week and want to be re refered to N & N hospital. Need to know name of endo who will do full bloods or will accept private blood test results. Or will at least listen! Have seen Dr Swords before but didnt gel with her. Can you help?

  • Yes amala57, this site is brilliant. Have you got your ranges with your results? So that you can see exactly where you're at, instead of just hearing the word 'normal'. I'd better private message you if I mention specific doctor's names. But I haven't had huge joy at Norfolk hospitals, NHS or private. I'll pm you now if I can stay awake!

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