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Once we have got our nutrients in the optimal range do we have to carry taking them all at the same dosage or do we take a maintenance dose.

I know we can reduce our Vit D supplement in a summer if we can get some sun but what about the others.

My Ferritin is 91 range 30 - 300 but the endo. I saw last year said it should be over 100

(not sure if he just mean't for my range) so I am carrying on with iron with Vit C for now.

My B12 at last result was 667 so I am still supplementing with B12 spray as I know it needs to be over 800. I also take a good B - Complex but my last Folate result was at the very top of the range. I know B - Complex should be taken when taking B12 but now my Folate is top of the range should I carry on with the B - Complex.

Any thoughts and advice please.

Many thanks browny

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Browny, The B Complex keeps other B vitamins balanced when taking B12. Folate top of range is fine, I wouldn't stop taking the B Complex. B12 needs to be >500 but most here like it at the top of range. My range goes to 1,100 and last time I tested my B12 was over 700 so I keep supplementing 1,000mcg methylcobalamin daily. If you are at the top of range you can reduce your dose but you won't OD on B12 as excess is excreted in urine.

Once ferritin is optimal supplementing should stop because too much iron isn't good.

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Many thanks Clutter,

Best wishes browny


From reading the experiences of others on this forum I have noticed that levels can reduce drastically once you stop supplementing. It is always a good idea I have read - to stop for a short time - and then re-start. I stop certain ones in rotation :-) Think it depends on how well you can absorb goodness from your food too....


Read today that gmo foodstuffs have been stripped of minerals as part of the growing process.

If this is true and your diet is not 100% organic then you will not be getting an adequate level of minerals in your diet, without some degree of supplementation.

Modern times eh!


Many thanks for your reply,

I feel I eat a good and varied diet but it is not totally organic, so it's carry on with the supplements and plus more then.

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And read lots. I think that really is your best chance of being as well as possible

That is what I am beginning to believe


Hi Marz,

many thanks for your reply, I reduced Vit D last year during the summer and even with a bit of sun my level dropped from 97 to 66 so I think should keep supplementing with it.

My B12 two years ago was 338 range 180 -1100 so supplemented for eight months then I stopped for a month to have the active B12 test and it came back top of the range. I did not take B12 for a further three months and when G.P. tested it was 396

I was getting a lot of tingling and pins and needles then so I think I do need it to be high in range.

I think I read on the forum a while ago that someone takes B - Complex three times a week and I was wondering if this would be better with my folate top of range or should I still take daily.

Best wishes browny


I think your idea of every other day or three times a week will be fine. You may wish to read up on methyfolate v folic acid too - it's an interesting read.

Do you have any gut issues ? - which may affect your absorption levels ? - as they seemed to drop quite quickly.....


Watch youtube video by Thiery Vrain about GMOs if you haven't seen it already.

Starts quite technical but makes sense at the end

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Hi Marz,

I saw a Nutritionist last year who ordered a stool test through Genova and showed I had no Lactobacillus present so ordered Lactotobacillus L plantarum/rhamnosus/salivarius.

I was suffering from period episodes of severe diarrhea and indigestion and gas. A couple of weeks after taking the probiotic the symptoms cleared.

I stopped using it a few weeks ago and although the diarrhea has not come back I have been getting bloating, indigestion and gas again.

The symptoms also coincided with my G.P. reducing my levo. (he has now increased) so not sure which is causing the tummy problems.

Interestingly though I was taking the probiotic when my Vit D decreased.

I also was taking Apple cider vinegar last year but I have got out of the habit of taking it because my gut symptoms eased.


You seem to have a good understanding of your tum/gut - so I would follow your instincts. You reduced your D during the summer months - maybe you just didn't get enough in spite of the good summer you had in the UK. I live in Crete and still tested for D as insufficient :-) So I think it is best to keep taking it at a maintenance dose for you....

How is your FT3 ?


Yes Marz I think it best to continue with Vit D during the summer.

I can't believe you live in sunny Crete and still tested insufficient for Vit D, it just proves we cannot obviously store it in our bodies for long.

Regarding my FT3, it is usually 4.3 or 4.4

range 3.8 - 6.0 I usually have bloods taken 9.00am.

The only time it was higher was when I had it taken by the endo at 11.15am and it was 5.1

FT4 usually 13 or 14 range 7.8 - 21

so both low in range.

G.P. increase levo. to 125mcg daily two weeks ago.


...probably something to do with aging and not processing things so well :-( Me that is !

I think optimizing the supplements will help the conversion of T4 into T3.... fingers crossed :-)


Thanks Marz,

I am going to give the raise in levo. a go and carrying on with supplements then if I do not feel any improvement I will look at adding some T3.

How is the weather in Crete?

Here it is miserable and raining.

Best wishes browny


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