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Results advice please

Hi there. Right lets hope ive wrote this down right this time and get some replies i am sorry if i havent done in the past. TSH 2.40 mu/L 0.27-4.2. Free T4 12.2 pmo/L 12.0-22.0. Serum folate 8.3 ug/L 4.6-40. Serum ferritin 44 ng/ml 15-300. Calcium. 2.37. Adjusted calcium 2.32 mmo/L 2.20-2.60 b12 is good as im on b12 injections every 2 months. Vit D Still not done.

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Hi momo1948

Im not medically trained but it looks like your Free T4 is struggling with your TSH at 2.40. I reckon you need another dose increase. What has your Doctor suggested you do?


Hi GP upped Levo in Jan from 25 to 50, only started Levo in Nov. Went to Endo yesterday after 4 month wait he was over booked again so i waited over 3 hours to end up seeing a young registrar who was brought in to help him she hardly knew much. Ive got an TFT 4 test to be done in 2 weeks plus in 6 weeks FBC and TFT4 again. And i go back to Endo in 4mths time for these results i was hoping i would get some answers yesterday but came away worse than i went in there ill get there in the end i hope! Thank you for replying


I dont think you should be waiting for a dose increase in 4 months timefrom your Endo, particularly if you are suffering. Your results are in "range" but are not necessarily "optimal" for you to feel well. Personally if it were me i would be asking for an increase now if it has been 6 - 8 weeks since your last increase which it looks to be.


Hi, i did ask at my Endo appointment yesterday she said no leave at 50 as my TSH was Normal, my GP surgery isnt linked up to this hospital so anything that goes on at Endo doesnt show on my surgeries computer notes and visa versa and no communication is done between the Endo and GP im running around providing both with each others test results i dont know if i should up my Levo or its another reason i feel like i do i believe im doing all the right things as to supplements but i certainly dont feel too good


But your TSH isn't 'normal' - especially not for someone on thyroid hormone replacement.

A truly 'normal' result, in someone who has no thyroid problems whatsoever, is between 0.8 and 1.25. Thyroid hormone replacement should be increased until your TSH is at least 1.0.

Your FT4 is much too low - it's not just a question of getting it somewhere in range, it has to be in the right place in the range, and the right place for most people is up near the top.

With an FT4 that low, you haven't got enough to convert to T3, so that is probably very low, and it's the T3 that is important - not the TSH and not the FT4. And, of course, that's the one they Don't do! But an endo should be able to do it, so ask for it next time.

Your ferritin is low, so that will probably affect conversion, anyway. Needs to be at least mid-range.

Your folate is a bit low. Are you taking a B complex with your B12 injections? You need to do that to keep the Bs balanced. And if you get one with methylfolate, rather than folic acid, it should bring your folate up a bit. :)


Thank you Greygoose i was so relying on Endo yesterday as my GP keeps saying my results above are all ok. but it was non eventful now its a 4 month wait to see them again. Ill try upping Levo myself and taking your advice with a good B Complex


Endo appointments are often like that, I'm afraid. They Don't tend to know much about thyroid, either. :(


Well ive got some guidance from on here so ill just soldier on Thank you for reply


You'll get much more help on here than you will from any endo. :)


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