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Iron ferritin and b12 blood test results, could anyone cast their eyes over them please?

serum iron 16 umol range 8.8 -27.0

saturation of iron binding capacity 50 umol range 45.0-72.0

percentage iron saturation 32% range 20.-40.0

serum ferritin 146ng/ml range 13.0-150.0

b12 778 pg/ml 197.0 -866.0

folate 10.3 ng/ml range 4.6-18.7

I have hashitmotos and am currently seeing Dr Peatfield, here is my previous thread

I have recently been supplementing my B12 with 1000mg x 3 day. It was previously 368.

I think my ferritin is too high? Joint pain and terrible plantar fasciitis is definitely one of my worse symptoms. I have looked on the optimum blood test results on stop the thyroid madness which explain inflammation is common in hypothyroidism but it doesn't give advice on how to fix it!

I supplement with lots of omega 3, vit c, vit d , zinc, selenium, magnesium.

can anyone pick up something I'm missing with these results? Is my iron/folate too low?

Thank you x

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Whoops, just seen the typo in my spelling of hashimotos! Sort of sums up the disease really!!!


I'm sure others will comment but I wouldnt worry too much about the ferritin. It might be due to inflammation.

The one that's missing though, given your symptoms of joint pain and PF... What's your Vitamin D level?


Thanks for the reply. Have been taking 6000iu of vit d for the last year and my levels have gone from bottom of range to the top 3/4. Hasn't made the slightest bit of difference though :(


Itwillbebetter, Hashi's &/or plantar fasciitis may be causing inflammation but your ferritin is within range so isn't anything to worry about.

Some members find a gluten-free diet helps reduce Hashi flares and antibodies. I don't think iron looks low and folate is good mid-range.


Thankyou, I am already gluten free but it made no difference. My joints and muscles are all so painful today, even my fingernails hurt as if someone is driving pins into them. Have had extensive rheumatologist tests and nothing shows. I am running out of ideas :(


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