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M.E, low ferritin, low vitamin D, any advice on blood tests would be really appreciated please?

Hi, I was diagnosed with ME 15years ago. I've had the usual symptoms- digestive issues, diagnosed with IBS, candida overgrowth, sleep and brain fog probs, poor temp control, blood sugar issues, anxiety, and weight loss ( weight 7stones).

I've had tonsils removed after getting tonsillitis each month for years, this was then replaced with monthly sinus infections. After way too many antibiotics was diagnosed with nasal polyps. However, it was only removal of dairy that eased this sit. Still get the shivers and feeling of going down with something each month, must be hormonal somehow I guess!

I've had better spells over the years, but just as I achieve better health another relapse seems to set in! 4 years ago I developed an inner ear condition, was experiencing vertigo, etc and this seemed to invite another relapse. It was as if my off switch which enables you to cope, disappeared! I can remember my blood pressure going up to over 200 at the docs, just because Ifelt a bit nervous! Very unlike me. Was told it was linked to ears. System seemed to over- respond with nasty panic symptoms in the smallest of situations or noises!

I've tried to explain to docs the feeling of going too fast inside and they have thought it could be thyroid related but tests have been ok?

Last Autumn after months of cystitis and feeling generally rotten I requested some blood tests and these were as follow...

Thyroid TSH 1.88mu/l ( this had raised from 0.95)

Serum free T 4 15pmol/L (8-21)

Serum ferritin 12ug/L (23-300)

serum folate 6.1ug/L (2.7-15.0)

B12 456 (130-1100) this has risen from 226

Plasma glucose 6.3 nmol/L (3.5-7.8) was a fasting test, I'm on basically a sugar free diet...

Serum cholesterol 4.3 nmol/L

The b12 forum has been a great help and recommended me to look here. They advised a vitamin d test...

Nhs pinprick 28.8 nmol/L just under the deficient range of 30-50.

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice in whether I should be requesting any other tests please. I have to now ask doc about Vitamin d supplementation and am a little confused as to whether I need a calcium test. I'm supplementing Ferrous Fumarate at the mo and am bumping up iron rich foods. Also, does anyone know if I can request an actual iron test whilst taking these? I presumed it was tested alongside ferritin, but seems not!

Apologies for such a long post, many many thanks Jo

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Hi, I'm sure others will be along to reply.

However, 28nmol Vit D is very low and will increase your fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. Please see this link:


Your cholesterol (if I'm reading it correctly) is not high, so I wonder if you have some hyperthyroidism? Did you test your lipid profile too?

Your ferritin is low, so I'd consider taking a plant based iron from Terra Nova. Or try Iron Bisglycinate, which many firms do and which your GP can prescribe. Take iron with a vitamin c supplement.

B12 is better above 500. Consider taking B12 with a B complex. Terra Nova do a B Complex.

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Thanks for your reply, I shall watch the videos in the link.

I've checked my cholesterol and it says

Serum cholesterol 4.3nmol/l (3.6-5.0)

HLDC 1.06 nmol/l (0.85-2.00)

Serum cholesterol/ HDL ratio 4.1

Is this the lipid profile you mention?

Do you feel those are better iron supplements than the fumerate?

Sounds like a good idea to include the b12 with some bits, I'll look those up, haven't come across TerraNova before...

Many thanks again...Jo


A cholesterol and lipid profile includes triglycerides. Elevated triglycerides often indicate high consumption of sugar/carbs. Looking at your cholesterol result, perhaps it's just average and not low-ish? Maybe someone else can provide more info.


Your ferritin is dire and like folate b12 and vit d3 MUST BE halfway in its range ............GPs will tell you anything in range is normal that's tosh

Surprisingly your thyroid results do not look bad but with a rising TSH its possible you are becoming hypothyroid which is fore warned by a low ferritin


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I shall keep going with the ferritin until it gets well up although I understand this can take some time. It has always been just above the minimum level, but doc has always insisted it is fine, but I can see now it's clearly not okay!

I guess I can ask about recommendations at the docs for vitamin d, am trying to research it myself first so I have some info behind me!

I'm a little confused as to whether I need to worry about calcium levels, it seems to be divided. Maybe the links anove that I've been rec to watch will throw a bit more light on things...thanks again...Jo


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