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Blood Test Results - Any advice would be appreciated

Blood Test Results - Any advice would be appreciated

Hi again,

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism following a blood test on the 14th April. I started taking WP Thyroid on the 7th June and I am currently taking 3 grains.

I had a followup blood test on the 21st July and I have included the results of both blood tests below. There has been an improvement results wise but I don't personally feel the improvement.

I am also taking Selenium, B12, Basic B Complex, Liquid Iron, Vitamin C & Folate.

Any advice/opinion regarding the latest results would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your help over the last few months - I would have been lost without it.



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You don't seem to have your FT3 tested. So no one can tell whether you are converting your T4 into T3.

Plus your raised antibodies indicate you could have Hashimoto thyroiditis which is why your TSH is all over the place and you don't feel better.


vickser As you're on NDT you really need FT3 tested as well. NDT will lower TSH and because of the T3 in NDT FT4 is usually lower and you need to know your FT3 result to help guide dose.

Your TPO antibodies are much higher in your July results so you were probably experiencing a Hashimoto's flare so feeling pretty hypo.

Have you gone gluten free to try and reduce the antibody attacks?

I don't take NDT but from what I've read you seem to have increased to 3 grains quite quickly although I understand that everyone is different.

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I was going to mention the same thing - getting to 3 grains in 7 weeks is going some! It might be that you'll be fine - but equally you may have overshot your "sweet" spot. The advice is to raise half a grain every 2 weeks until you get to 2 grains - then stick at 2 grains for 6 weeks or so. This is because the levo in NDT takes a while to build up in your system and convert to T3. So you may be feeling sub par because you're on too much. An FT3 result would help - you can get these individually from Blue Horizon but it often works out to be more economical to buy one of their "test lots of things" packages.


See also (thanks to Rapunzel for reposting it recently!) thyrophoenix.com/adjusting_...

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Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. 100% gluten-free diet may improve symptoms and reduce antibodies.



TSH 0.03 is suppressed and FT4 16 is just shy of the top quadrant of range so you appear to be adequately dosed. Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a couple of months. If they don't improve in a couple of months you might want to order a private thyroid test including FT3 from Blue Horizon or Genova via thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

For maximum absorption Levothyroxine should be taken with water 1 hour before or 2 hours after food and drink, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements, and 4 hours away from calcium, iron, vitamin D supplements and oestrogen.



I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thank you all for your feedback. Yes, it is safe to say, patience has never been one of my virtues!! I guess I was trying to run before I could walk.

I'll drop back to 2 grains and hold steady for a while - great article Jazzw, thanks for sharing.

I'll look into getting my FT3 test from Blue Horizon or Genova in the next couple of months.

Haven't gone gluten free yet but willing to try at this point.

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted with how I get on :)


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