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NP Thyroid

Has anyone tried NP Thyroid, and is able to compare it to Armour and/or Erfa?

I have read that NP Thyroid is like Armour used to be until it was reformulated for the first time in the mid 1990s. At that time, mineral oil was removed, and a little cellulose added for the first time (although not enough to cause problems, apparently). NP Thyroid contains mineral oil, dextrose, and no cellulose. It contains hormones in the same ratio as Armour: 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3 per 60 mg or 1 grain.

I am not sure about mineral oil as a filler, and how safe it is deemed to be but, then again, I have no idea about talc either which Erfa contains...

If anyone has tried NP Thyroid and is able to compare it to either of the two other brands, I'd be really interested in hearing your opinion. Which is the best NDT drug you have tried so far?

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I have taken all three and use NP Thyroid right now. Yes, it is like the old Armour. And it is cheaper as it is considered a generic. I took five grains of Armour and 5 1/2 grains of Erfa. I now take 4 1/2 grains of NP Thyroid. I live in France, but go back to the States once a year and bought 1100 1 1/2 grains tablets for $216 at Walgreens, with coupons. Great price. Cheaper than any co-pay.

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