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Just curious: I read somewhere that NP Thyroid is considered a generic drug, and is weaker than Armour. However, NP Thyroid also contains 9 mcg of T3 and 38 mcg of T4 per grain, just like Armour does, so I wonder why it is considered weaker? Plus, it does not contain any cellulose, which should increase absorption...

Has anyone tried NP Thyroid? It seems to be exactly like Armour was until 1996, when they reformulated it the first time, removed mineral oil, and added some cellulose (but not enough to cause problems, apparently...).

I think NP Thyroid sounds interesting, but I am not sure about the mineral that really something we want to be ingesting day in and day out?

Also, what about NP availability in Europe?


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  • Do you mean NP Acella, Anna? That is considered to be a generic NDT. Perceptions of potency vary from person to person. Some consider NatureThroid to be less potent than Armour although others notice no difference.

    Not sure whether is is available from the usual Mexican and USA on-line pharmacies.

  • Yes, that's right, NP Acella!

  • The company's own web site still calls it NP Thyroid tablets from Acella Pharmaceuticals :-)

  • Wish you could buy this without prescription!

  • You can! But not in the UK.

  • Where?

  • would you mind PM:ing me this info?

  • Anna did anyone ever PM you the info? Have you tried NP?

  • No, I haven't tried it, for the simple reason that I am doing very well on Thai thyroid (which is also much cheaper).

  • NP is supposed to be like the old Armour, before they changed the fillers.. many like it much better than Armour now.

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