Erfa allergy?

Today, I took Benadryl before Erfa for the first time. I have had no itching at all today. Since going on my latest batch of Erfa (30 and 60 mg pills), the itching has been driving me crazy.

I take it this means that I am allergic to one of the fillers in (new) Erfa, and need to look for alternatives? Although Benadryl (Allergy relief) worked like a charm, I don't think I want to take allergy medication every day for the rest of my life...

Has anyone tried NP Thyroid and is able to compare it to Erfa and/or Armour? I have been tempted to try Armour first, as that is readily available in Belgian pharmacies (NP is not), but all the negative reviews have made me hesitate...on the other hand, I have also seen posts by patients doing great on reformulated it's pretty confusing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I am glad Benydryl worked for you. So you must be allergic to something in the fillers/binders.

    I think Armour is fine now. There were problems when it was reformulated. One of our Admins take it and it has made her feel well. Some links:

  • Thanks a lot:-))

  • Anna, as the Armour is easily accessible why not try it for yourself? If it doesn't suit you can then try alternative brands. NatureThroid and Westhroid are supposed to be hypoallergenic if Armour doesn't suit.

  • Only Armour and Erfa are available in some Belgian pharmacies. That is because the so called Hertoghe doctors prescribe one or the other (some of them both, depending on the patient's wishes). I guess pharmacies could always order NT or WT with a valid prescription for Erfa or Armour; when I was on Euthyrox, depending on the pharmacy, I would get Euthyrox, Elthyrone or L-Thyroxine, so they were considered 100% bio-identical...the same must apply to various NDT brands, right, as the active ingredient is the same (porcine thyriod), and only the fillers and binders differ?

    I also think that trying Armour again would be a good idea since it would be easier to it true that the lower strengths seem to work better than the bigger (4 and 5 grains) pills? I have also heard rumours that Armour seems to be working better now, and it would be great if it did, given all the problems I have had on Erfa lately...

  • Anna, I don't have experience of NDT but like any medication one brand will suit some people more than others and the only way to know is to try it.

    There were problems when Armour reformulated but I think that was years ago and re-reformulating it, also several years ago, appeared to resolve the problems.

    Some people do find a difference in different strength tablets and if you do, try and work it out with your pharmacist so you get the dosages that suit you.

  • Clutter, does this means that Armour was reformulated a second time some time after the first (unappreciated) reformulation? STTM had some info on that, but I never knew what to think of Forest seems unwilling to communicate with customers and even doctors:-(

  • Anna, that is my take on it.

  • OK, thanks! Since STTM also raised this possibility, I think it could actually be true...

  • Anna, it's quite likely I read it on STTM &/or Mary Shomon's site

  • I have taken both Armour and now Erfa and haven't noticed any difference between them :)

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