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I have become well taking WP Thyroid for the past two years. Unfortunately, as we know, it is not in production at present. Therefore, I have been forced to take a different NDT, so tried NP Thyroid. I have put several pounds on in weight, when my weight has been stable these past two years, and more worryingly, every time I wash my hair, a lot is coming out. The NP tablets taste like it a placebo? I would be grateful for other opinions please. Thanks.

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It is known to be stronger than WP. Have you had your bloods checked


You may need more of NP than WP, so you can add 1/4 tablet (of 1 grain) every two weeks taking note of symptoms and hope they will be relieved and weight reduce. If pulse/temp goes too high (take before increasing) reduce to previous dose. Our bodies have different reactions to different hormone replacements.

As you are gaining weight it suggests (and I'm not medically qualified) that you might need slightly more than on WP

From the following link I think you'll be relieved.

I have swopped from Armour to NP and i have noticed the same thing; my weight has been stable for 4 years since i commenced using Armour. I have put on half a stone this year and nothing else has changed

I had to change to NP a couple of years ago when my pharmacy couldn’t get any WP and I feel much better on it. My weight is stable. It just shows how different we all are.

I certainly don’t find it a placebo :)

I switched from WP to NP and did notice a difference. Then it seemed to stabilise. Hope WP comes back!

Although WP is not yet in production, the owners/company (RLC labs) is making Nature-Throid. It is working for me.

Same here ! I was on WP for years but have replaced with nature throid and it seems to be just as good for me .

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