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New gp + latest blood results


Today I saw a new gp at my surgery. I cannot believe the difference from the last one and wish I had seen this one months ago. She ordered Parathyroid and Calcium tests last week after she had seen the previous results.

The Calcium is mid range 2.22 mmol/L 2.1 - 2.55

Parathyroid is 20.4 with a range 1.5 - 7.6 as you can see this is well over range.

She also did the kidney function tests again,

Sodium 142 (133 - 146) last month 142

Potassium 4.7 (3.5 - 5.3) 4.8

Urea 7.1 (2.5 - 7.8) 8.2

Creatinine 68 (44 - 80) 90

Estimated GFR GT60 mL/min ? Don't know what this is?

Alkaline Phosphatase 63 (30 - 130) 61

Albumin 36 (35 - 50) 37

She tells me there is certainly something going on but she wants to do all the tests again in two weeks time, Full thyroid screen, fbc, Iron, ferritin, folate, Vit d, B12, kidneys, plus Amilase and Thyroidn antibodies. She does not think the lab will repeat the FT3 because it was only done in November. She is probably correct here. She has promised that as soon as these results are back she will write to the endo who I am waiting to see. She says it is possible I may get an earlier appointment. (Or maybe not).

She is not starting me on B12 or Vit D until these results are through as they may skew the results and not show exactly what is going on.

I told her I am researching my conditions as I want to be fully aware of what my treatment is and why. She says she is very happy about this and wishes more people would get involved in their treatment. She is happy that I am using the internet, she warned me that everything is not always right, I already know this, but that if the research has been published or been approved by British Medical Association? then that will be good. What a difference to the other gp. I told her that I would be seeing her regularly as I did not really get on with the other gp. She told me that was fine, that we cannot always gel with everyone. (wow is this girl real).

I am going to ask that she is my named gp, my named one has been away from the surgery for nearly a year on maternity leave and no-one can tell me if she is intending to come back, plus I have never seen her.

More info in a fortnight or so. Hope I have a date for the endo by then, fingers crossed.


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That is wonderful, Barb. I hope this means things are changing for the better.

You can check some labs here:

For good reference material:


Thanks Heloise, I have bookmarked the links, too late to try reading anything now, it will not go in.

Gp told me I am quite a complex case and cannot understand why I haven't been referred to an endo before.. Obviously, because no-one else has ordered all the blood tests before and they have all gone by TSH levels.

I forgot to tell her I have another autoimmune disease, durrrrr, must make a note for next visit. Will also tell her about the neuro problems because of the B12 since they would appear to be linked.

I came out of the surgery today feeling so much better just because someone is listening to me! :-)


Hypothyroidism is very complex. I'll post a video you can watch later also. It's short but you can see how involved.

I think you should bookmark that link to the N A H. Very authoritative I think.

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Heloise, I have seen this video before, but it's always good to see these things again, helps to remember them. I have already bookmarked the link. I am hoping that when I get some B12 my brain might just start to work a bit better. I have to write reams of notes to remember anything. Good job I'm good at admin. and organised.


Your new GP seens very thorough which is good. The GFR is the rate at which fluids are filtered through the kidney so I presume an indication of how efficiently they are working. I imagine that any part of the body eliminating waste matter has to work effiently for us to feel well.


Thanks Silverfox, its taking a while but I'm slowly finding out these things.


The GFR looks a bit low. Ideally it should be over 90. Under 60 is when Drs start talking about kidney disease. Hypothyroidism causes everything to slow down including GFR.

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Last tests 15th Dec. results came back that I had CKD3. Now there is a note to the doctor to check for stage 1/2 and check for proteinuria and haematuria. We'll see what the next lot say in a couple of weeks. I don't know, I just think I'm on the edge of getting one thing sorted and something else comes along.


Sounds like a really good GP

keep her sweet




Wow, what a super GP! I think we'd all like to sign on with her.

Hope all goes well with the endocrinologist too. Good luck. MariLiz


:-) I don't think she's been qualified long; and she only looks about 15 yrs old!


All that doesn't matter if she'll listen and work with you to improve your health. I can almost see my GP's eyes glaze over when I try to ask, what I feel, are pertinent questions. I envy you your GP. MariLiz


It's great when you find a GP who is willing to work with you to regain your health. I too have found one at my surgery. For the last couple of years I have been seeing whichever doctor that has been available with hypothyroid symptoms but when the bloods return 'in range' no increase in Levo has been offered I had been on 50mcg for almost 4 years. In the summertime last year I saw a different doctor I told her that I had found this wonderful site and shared with her the article of DR Toft. She agreed to increase my levo to 75mcg then 6weeks later to 100mcg my next blood results looked ok on paper TSH 0.1 (0.35 - 5.00) T4 16 (11.0 - 23.0) but I was still experiencing a lot of symptoms. I wanted a further increase and went to my appointment expecting to have to argue for it. I was totally amazed when my GP asked me "what course of action do you want to take" and even more so when she agreed to increase to 125mcg. That was 2 months ago and I'm happy to say that this is the best I have felt in years. I have just had my latest blood results TSH 0.03 T4 20.5 and although the lab would prefer that My TSH returned within the reference range my GP is happy for me to stay on this dose.

During my consultation yesterday I thanked her for listening and working with me to regain my health.

I wish you well and good luck with the Endo x


I'm really happy for you that you too have found a gp who will listen and help you. It must be good to feel so much better. I hope I will be able to write the same thing myself in a few months, or so. It's a nice feeling when you meet a gp who makes you feel as though you actually matter and doesn't talk to you as if you are from another planet.

This one told me she was impressed I wanted to learn and that there was a great deal to the endocrine system and everything it affects. I told her that I had plenty of time to do the research since I am retired. She said she would explain anything if I got stuck and said I would end up an expert and know more than she does. I hope she stays like this!


I'm sure you will regain your health with your GP's help and of course the help from these very knowlagabe people on here. 8 months ago I knew very little but I keep reading and learning as I'm sure you will and as long as your GP is willing to work with you you'll get there.

All the best.




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