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Blood Results Back From GP

My faith in the treatment of Thyroid conditions has hit a all time low with the NHS! I had a follow up blood test on the advice of the Endo. My original TS4 levels were on the high side. She also wanted me to reduced the T3 medication although I am middle range on that. Of course T3 is bad for us isn't? (not - just expensive) ;) Sorry I am being cynical. I also had a glucose intolerance test as one dr was saying I was diabetic because everything was out of kilter, another says I am not as I was in the "normal range" in my last HbA1c- test.

Anyway, my GP rang me today with the results. Diabetes came back inconclusive so she wants me to have another test in 4-6 weeks.

My thyroid test results, I ask.....T4 was 19.27 (range 12-22) I was expecting that, as it was high last time. So medication reduced to 200 mcg. Ironically it is what I call my "normal" dose and the dose I had no problems with, when I was on it originally and before they started messing me around. So then I ask what was my T3 results?? "what T3 results, they haven't tested you" Give me strength I say.....She did admit that was a little bit strange, coughed and spluttered about my intentions on T3 and also admitted that she had little knowledge of thyroid conditions. She says, "that is why I referred you" "No it isn't I said, you referred me because (your words) you were not licensed to prescribe T3 anymore and a Endo would have to authorise it which she hasn't because it is expensive and in her opinion, unnecessary!" a bit more coughing and spluttering and a promise of another set of both T4/T3 blood tests and the HbA1c test in 4-6 weeks.

The GP has advised me not to buy from abroad, but I have told her I have no choice, because the NHS is not supporting me. Needless to say, I got no answer but thank you and good bye ;)

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Par for course sadly.Your GP has probably been told to stop prescribing T3 pn cost grounds.Ask for her reasons in writing .Complain to MP .Ministers have said that no medicine deemed needed should be stopped on cost grounds alone.Of course they will have other grounds but push.

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By the look of it you may need you RT3 looked at, reason is your working hard with TSH and FT4 but FT3 is low in comparison I bet. Tell the doctor that's why she should test your TSH FT4-FT3 every time not just your TSH

It's where we fall in those ranges that counts and tell a story, it's like having more than one witness at a crime scene lol. Nutrients you need them to check is B12, Zinc, Vit D3, Ferretin levels. These need doing at the very minimum. Hope that helps...


I know but the big thing in the UK - not recognising the T3 side, it should have been checked. I have pernicious anaemia, B12 deficiency, so take medication and injections for those and also take Vitamin D. I take 20 mcg of T3. I am having all tests done in 4-6 weeks. I have no faith in any of the doctors/consultants as they have messed me around for the last 22 years. Never had a problem with any medication before then. The last time I had T3 done, was in July, I was middle range.

Thanks for the advice though Roadrunnergreg :)


Your FT3 needs to be 75-80% of the lab range, FT4 60-65% of the range. If they are lower its like wearing shoes a size or two too small, hope this helps also... But you need a more sympathetic doctor that acts on your health for you. I've had it where the lab only checked TSH so I went back to the doctors and requested another test with them all included and to tell the lab just do it... He did, mind you I've had some crap doctors over the yrs...


Yes I can sympathise on the crappy doctors and the crap they give out. I do not trust them at all. My GP is a little on guard we me anyway these days lol. Lets just say I am polite (ish) but I do not mince my words. I do not feel as poorly as I did and I know my own body. So I will see what the next results are and take it from there. On a cynical point, I find it quite amusing that at long last, they are starting to recognise that my original dose was the right dose all along. They will never admit they were wrong, but I know the truth and I am not that forgiving. ;)


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