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Struggling need advise on Blood test results

Hi, so I have been taking nature thyroid for 6 months and have gradually increased to 4 grains. All was going well until I was glutened in November. I have since had a big set back in lot s of ways ( although not as bad s when I was on levothyroxone).

Todays blood test results are

TSH <0.05. 0.3 -5.0

FT3 7.5 2.5-5.5

FT4 17. 10-18.7

I had these done in Oct

B12 483. 170-730

D. 57. No ref range given

Folate. 17.6. 3 - 19

Ferritin 208. 10-290

T4. 17.2. 10-18.7

Serum iron 12. 8-32

Saturation iron binding capacity 56

Unsat iron b.c 44. 28.7-53.7

Transferrin saturation index 21%. 15-50%

Any thoughts greatly appreciated as really don't know what to do.


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Epicmom, FT3 is over range so I would reduce by half a grain and retest in 6/8 weeks. FT4 is good and TSH low in range as expected because of the T3 in NatureThroid.

Most here prefer B12 >500 and higher in range. You could supplement 500mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches plus a B Complex vitamin. Folate is good.

If the vitD is a UK result your level is adequate but not optimal which is 75-200. Most of us need to supplement 2,000iu Oct-April just to maintain levels until ultraviolet light is strong enough to stimulate vitD. I suggest 5,000iu daily for 6/8 weeks to build levels and then cut back to 5,000iu alternate days.

Ferritin is a little high in range which can indicate inflammation somewhere in the body or infection from a cold or virus when you were tested.


Thanks, I will get some b12 and some vitamin d. Not sure either about the ferritin thing. If you're t3 is over, does it do you harm? Thanks


Epicmom, it may increase the risk of osteoporosis and atrial fibrillation. I reduced my T3 in Sept when FT3 was 8.4 (3.2-6.2) as my endo put it to me that in addition to the above "we don't really know what the long term risks are". What clinched it was my hair shedding again. 3 months later on the reduced dose hair has stopped shedding and I've not had any increase in hypo symptoms.


Great thanks, my hair has been coming out in clumps for some time now. Will give all ur advise a go. Thank you.


What are your symptoms Epicmom?


Currently I suffer from fatigue, exhaustion, dry skin, brain fog, hair loss, constipation, stress over nothing, nausea etc. Tons of symptoms, but nowhere near as bad as I was in august when I switched from levo, in fact, from the time I was cut back to 100 levo last April. That was horrendous, couldn't function at all, as if my body was shutting down by the day!!!

My may be playing a part in this again too.


And how could I forget to write, aching tight muscles, neck and shoulder and tight feeling on neck at front which had gone away. Gluten had killed me off!!!


Thanks for the info and yes I certainly don't feel at all hyper. Its strange because my symptoms were easing off until my gluten thing. Although saying that, for the last 2 years I've had what feels like huge setbacks at this time of year. Its such a minefield. Thanks.


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