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Just a quickie. I was wondering if there were any really good multivitamins out there for hypothyroidism.

At the moment I take separately:

Vit B complex

Vit B12 lozenges (1000 mcg).

Vit D3 (5000iu)

Vit C (1000mcg)

Selenium (200mcg)

Calcium (1000mg) Magnesium (400mg) Zinc (15mg) X3


It is a lot of tablets, and I think taking a multivitamin that combines all the elements would be a lot easier, so any suggestions from you lovely people would be great.

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Worth getting Multi Vitamin Mineral and taking extras on top.

Some of the brands I use:

Allergy Research Group (ARG)



Life Extensions Foundation (LEF)

Biotics Research


Terra Nova


Visit their websites to compare ingredients and quantities. It's worth avoiding those brands that use many bulking agents/fillers.

You might want to also look into what kind of calcium you're taking and why, and consider taking Vit K2. I'm sure someone else will chip in on this. Sorry, I'm in a cafe and doing other stuff right now. Hope the above info helps. :)

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Thanks it does help. Just struggling through trying to lean as much as possible about supplements as my doc is worse than useless.

Taking calcium as it is in a combination with magnesium and zinc, which I have read are supplements for hypo's


You might want to also look into WHAT KIND of calcium you're taking and why, and consider taking Vit K2.

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K2, best taken in food source. e.g. gouda cheese - Google for other sources


Would all the fillers be stated on the packaging?


Nutri do a thyroid complex that has all the vitamins to support the thyroid ,although I take extra magnesium liquid ad better for body to absorb .


Metabolics do ionic calcium and also ionic magnesium which body absorbs better .much better than tablet form .


HI Multi vit and minerals are more important. I use Healthspan on line. Take care of taking calcium and magnesium in those doses as you need blood tests for them to make sure they are in range as electrolytes.



I've been looking at multivitamins too and there are so many out there it's a bit mind boggling.

If iodine is on the list is that a no no? Or is it ok?


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