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Hi I have been taking thyroxine for my under active thyroid since I was 22, I'am now 34. I have a healthy diet but always struggling to lose weight.

My issues currently is I don't think my body absorbs as much good stuff out of my balanced diet as it should, so I've been looking for a multivitamin that has all the use full vits in as stated on thyroid UK.

This is impossible as all multi vits have iodine in them. Any suggestions?

I can't have dairy and I'am allergic to fish.

Oh and I spend money on separate vits which is too costly.

Can anyone help?

Also is there a brand of thyroxine without dairy? My doctors says not.

Thank you.

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I probably should of said I'am on 150mg and was changed to this does last year after been on 175mg. I was very weird and burning myself out so my dose was lowered as to high.

I now feel tired, my hands, breasts kill me with pain outside. I literally can't keep my head up past 9 at night as no energy. I ache all over and my skin looks tired and dry.

My diet is very varied, seeds, fruit, veg, pulses, beans and ocassionaly meat about twice a week.

I was vegi for years and had low iron, b 12, and enemia, which I now don't have.

My last bloods was normal.

So I'am clutching at straws that I might need a boost with a multivitamin as I might be low on another vit?

Any help please.

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Even if everything is 'normal' in blood tests they might not be optimum and it is optimum we need to feel well.


I cannot answer your question but those who are knowledgeable will respond..

Do you have a print-out of your most recent blood test results with the ranges as many Endos/doctors keep us on too low a dose of hormones for us to feel well. If so post on a new question if you don't have them today.

Your blood test should be the earliest possible and fast (you can drink water).Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards. This helps to keep the TSH a bit higher as GP only appear to take notice of the TSH and might adjust hormones unnecessarily which may give us symptoms we didn't have previously.

Your GP should have tested your Vit B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. If you've not had them done recently ask along with a test for your thyroid hormones.


Thanks for your response. I don't have my test results, but I'am sure I could request them and see what yours and others thoughts are.

To my knowledge all vitimins levels where done, vit d was slightly under but not to much, but I take that as a suppliment each day any way.

Also just a odd one, can my having a under active thyroid make my body feel tired and give you headaches and feel spaced out?

Just feel so run down and energy less it's making me feel down.

Thank you.

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The first big learning curve for us is to ignore the words 'normal' 'fine' o.k. with regard to our thyroid hormones. Doctors think anywhere in range is 'fine', i.e. it could be at the bottom but we need our hormones to be towards the top of the range.

If we're feeling rough and not well something is 'out' in our system.

You can ask for a print-out of your most recent blood test results with the ranges and post on a new questions for responses. By law we are allowed to have copies.

We do expect our doctors to know how to treat us and interpret results, so it comes as a surprise when they appear not to know much other than to take notice of the TSH and adjust our dose up/down/up/down so we can rarely get to a dose which makes us well. Besides if we took our TSH 10 times a day, there will be 10 different results as it varies throughout the 24 hours.

We have to read, learn and ask questions. Many do recover their health. :)


This is all very interesting, it's amazing how much trust we put in our local gp. I've gone from 100mg, which I was on for years then about 5 years ago I was put on 125mg for a boost. After I had some more bloods done to see how i was and unbelievably the results showed I needed an even higher dose.

I always found that such a jump as I was somewhat stable for years and felt ok. Then the increase rather than help give me a boost decreased my energy.

I watch what I eat as I know most interactions and when to take my thyroxine.

I am currently also taking antihistamine for my nasel drip, cerezette contraceptive pill as my periods caused me to have iron and b 12 defiency.

I also take vit c in the morning and vit d as well as flaxseed oil tablets.

I'll certainly try and get to the doctors and request my results. So you recommend shaws to have no thyroxine for 24hrs before blood work?

Again thank you for your time and valuable information.

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Do you leave at least four hours between your vit D and other médications, and your Levo? And do you leave an hour after taking your levo before eating or drinking anything other than water? You need to do that for complete absorption.

I'm afraid multivits just are not going to help you. They are a complete waste of money. They do not contain enough of anything to treat a real deficiency, and they do contain things we Don't want. They even contain things which cancel each other out, like iron and calcium. You really are better off getting tested and supplementing accordingly, each deficiency seperately.

Sounds as if you've never had your antibodies tested - TPOab and TgAB. They will tell you if your hypo is autoimmune, in which case, there are things you can do to lower antibodies.

As for the blood test, it's best to have it very early in the morning - before 9.0 - leave 24 hours between your last dose of hormone and the test, and fast - but you can drink water.

Always, always ask for a print-out of the results of any tests - with the ranges, which are most important - it's your legal right to have one.

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Thank for your reply, I considered myself quite clued up about my thyroid but it seems I'am pretty clueless.

I'll be posting my test results soon when I can understand and translate them.

Thank you.


You Don't have to understand and translate them. We can do that for you. As long as you put the ranges. :)


OK second attempt at submitting a reply to you. :(

The doctor I saw was rude and impatient to name a few. The results I have are hard to read and don't look like what others have submitted on here.

I only have a tsh result no singular t4 or t3. I also only seem to have had my ferritin and vit d taken.

I'll try and submit them later on my computer as hard writing on a mobile.

Thank you.


The NHS often only does TSH. Perhaps FT4. So, nothing new there. People who have FT3 have often had to have it done privately.

To get the vits and mins tested, you have to keep insisting, because they will only do the minimum they can get away with.


The current gp I am with does not seem to care a great deal so that sounds about right.

I'll certainly be trying my hardest to get some more results. He certainly does not seem sympathetic towards me and why I want more information.

Thank you again.


No, there are a lot of doctors like that. He thinks you should be a good little girl and shut up and take your antidepressants! You are challanging his supremacy! lol


Also I've never been told why my thyroid does not function as it should, and I never questioned an alternative and just blindly started taking thyroxine in my twenties.

As a child and adult I've never been able to tolerate cows dairy in any form as it makes me sick. My teeth did not form right because of this and from the age of 5 I've struggled with my weight. I'd go blue with the amount of exercise I did at high school and lose nothing.

From my early twenties I had a intestinal bleed and have never had decent bowels since. That's when they did my blood work and found me deficient in iron, b 12 as well as under active thyroid and enemia.

Like I said my body just does not seem strong and is susceptible to illness, no matter what I do.

Anyway just thinking aloud.

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