given a loading dose of colecalciferol and 25 mcg levothyroxine

Hi again, i had my thyroid and vit d levels tested serum free t4 level 9.7pmol/l (range 10-18.7)

serum tsh level 5.7miu/l (range 0.3-5.0)

and also vit d checked 31.6mmol (range 50-250)

Not medicated on anything at the time. saw the dr today and i have been put on 25mcg of levothyroxine, had a bad reation to it last time so starting off small.

Also been given loading dose of vit d3 colecalciferol 20000u caps, which states two every monday for seven weeks. then another box of colecalciferol1000u caps which says i take one daily after completing loading dose, then return for vitamin d level check.

is it me or does 2 x 20000u capsules of vit d sound a lot all at once? Am i getting hysterical, has anyone else had this dose and are there any side effects i should be aware of? There wasnt a contraindication in with them and i havent found much online so far. Does this all sound about right to the more experienced members who have dealt with thyroid and vit d issues.

sorry to be a pest...thank you in advance :)

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  • Vicky2208,

    It's not a big vitD dose, I was prescribed 40,000iu per day x 14 days as a loading dose followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks. My sister was prescribed 2 x 20,000iu weekly for 6 months to raise her vitD. Take vitD 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

    For maximum absorption Levothyroxine should be taken with water 1 hour before, or 2 hours after, food and drink, 2 hours away from other medication and supplements, and 4 hours away from calcium, iron, vitamin D supplements, magnesium and oestrogen.

    It takes 7-10 days for Levothyroxine to be absorbed before it starts working and it will take up to six weeks to feel the full impact of the dose. Symptoms may lag behind good biochemistry by several months.

    You should have a follow up thyroid test 6-8 weeks after starting 25mcg because it is unlikely to be enough to raise your FT4 sufficiently. Arrange an early morning and fasting (water only) blood draw when TSH is highest, and take Levothyroxine after your blood draw.

  • Thanks for the reply, those were the only things i had tested but i have been known to be low on iron over the years, do you think its worth getting an iron supplement? Also i have magnesium in a spray which i use every day, the tablets made the toilet my best friend :) Have you heard of the sprays, do you think they will be sufficient, or is there a type of magnesium that wont have me running to the loo all the time?

    Your reply was very reassuring, thank you again.

  • Vicky2208,

    I don't recommend supplementing iron without first having a blood test to check iron or ferritin levels.

    I've heard of magnesium oil spray but never used it. Many members find it effective. Magnesium citrate is worth trying. Just because mag had your friend running to the loo doesn't mean it will be the same for you.

  • Natural calm vitality magnesium powder is easy to use and cheap. You can start with very low dose and adjust.

    Take Thyroxine on an empty stomach and then nothing apart from water for at least an hour after. Also take Levo at least 4 hours away from vitamin D and magnesium. You might find taking Levo at bedtime is convenient and may be more effective

  • My Vit D was 26 and I was given a loading dose of 20,000 once a week but it worked for me as we are all different but nothing wrong with taking a higher level to get results up there and then retest. I was reading in a Vit D group and they were saying better to have the same dose daily as it had a half life so it keeps it consistent. SeaSideSusie has much info if you search her name.

  • Hi I had low vitamin D levels, I sorted myself with 2000 per day for over I year. Now my Vit D is up and running and I now take 1000 per day as a maintenance dose.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies, only just seen them ive been at work.. Because im so nervous of this megadose im thinking of taking one 20000 d3 tablet a week, or at least taking the one and seeing how i feel and then if i dont feel any different try the two next time. I know its fairly common to load dose people but ive pretty much coasted through life so far (luckily) without taking anything except the odd paracetemol this thyroid stuff and everything that goes with it is really spooking me. Google is really enjoying showing me all the worse case scenarios haha

  • Vicky it's a good idea to start on a lower dose just in case it doesn't agree with you. Some of us can't tolerate vitd at all and taking a huge dose would not be good !

  • This is what i keep thinking, but then i wonder if its paranoid me and my crazy brain :)

    I pester the dr, he gives in and tests me, the tests come back and i was right, he works out the right dose for me and then i start questioning it.......its like im never satisfied haha

  • No it's not paranoid at all, it's sensible to be cautious, if you feel ok on 20000 then you can take the extra.

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