Blood results any comments appreciated

Just got my bloods.

T4 14.8 range 12/22

T3 3.7 range 3.1/6.8

TSH 21.830 range 0.27/4.2

I'm taking B12 sublingual B12 complex cod liver oil, magnesium, calcium, trying to heal gut taking probiotics,

B12 1413 range 191/663 I'm delighted it's up with supplements as in April it was just over 300

Folate 10.8 range 4.6/18.7

Ferritin 210 range 13/150

Iron 12.5?range 6.6/26

With endo next Friday antibodies still high gone gluten free 4 months

Antibodies 195 range 0/34.

With a TSH that high surely I'm undermedicated. Taking 75 eltroxin

Have awful joint pain chronic tired dragging myself along gained 6 lb in couple of weeks. Last time at endo in Sept my TSH was over 6 and he told me it was normal even though I fought with him for an increase surely he will have to increase me know. But hopefully this will be the last time I'll be dealing with him. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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  • Yes, you are definitely needing a big increase. Does this endo know anything about thyroid? Even the last time saw him, he should have increased your dose. To be honest I think you should ask your GP to refer you to a different endo. You will always struggle with this one. Maybe give him a last chance at your next appointment and if he is useless, change him. We do not have time in our lives to see people who make us ill. Good luck!

  • I'm going Hennerton can't take any more from him.

  • Mauds, this is the endo who sent you for psych evaluation? The psych was certainly right to tell you to tell the endo to get your thyroid meds right.

    TSH of 6 on 75mcg Eltroxin means you were very undermedicated. TSH of someone on medication should be just above or below 1.0. He can't claim TSH >20 is normal when TSH >10 means overt hypothyroidism. Increases/decreases in thyroxine are usually in 25mcg increments. Given your previous problems don't increase by more than 25mcg in one go. If he prescribes a higher increase accept the prescription but increase by 25mcg for a couple of weeks before increasing further.

    Ferritin is over range and that is almost certainly due to your hypothyroidism and joint pain. Has vitD been tested? Low/deficient vitD can cause musculoskeletal pain but it is more likely due to hypothyroidism.

    It's a good idea to supplement zinc with magnesium to keep the minerals balanced.

  • Hi Clutter my iron was 12.5 range 6.6/25 so do you think I should take some iron. Can you recommend a zinc supplement. Thanks

  • Mauds, I just take a supermarket zinc supplement 15mg. I think iron is probably ok but I don't really know enough to advise.

  • Thanks clutter I'll add the zinc won't do me any harm. I'm not going to ask that endo about my iron caus I just can't be bothered asking him anything anymore. Wonder what he's going to tell me next Friday. All in my head?

  • Mauds, If he does tell him it's in your mitochondria and psych says your head is fine but your thyroid meds aren't :-D

  • I will Clutter forgot to say I've lost my inner eyebrows and my beautiful curly hairs come out in clumps always had a beautiful thick head of hair thin and brittle now. I also saw a blood result Heumatoid Factor results 10 range 0-14 have you ever seen that before.

  • Mauds, The hair loss will be due to undermedication. It should stop and regrow when you are optimally medicated.

    I've never heard of humatoid factor.

  • Mauds, I googled and it comes up as rheumatoid factor which is the antibody test for autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Sorry clutter spelt it wrong. Do you think I'm heading for RA I've already got arthritis in my left hip and my spine. It looks like I'm on high end of blood results. Lately I've a burning sensation in my shoulders. I know RA is automuinne also and my younger sister has it. I hope I'm not going the same route as her

  • Mauds, I honestly don't know enough other than to say I devoutly hope not to get it and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

  • I see the pain my little sis is in with it I don't know how the girl deals with it. Just my bloody luck

  • Mauds, My aunt was crippled with it for 30+ years. Hopefully, your antibodies won't get worse.

  • Mauds, I had really bad shoulder pain & hip pain until I was taking enough medication, so please try not to worry. I'm sure it will improve when you get treated properly x

  • Thanks I really hope it does improve don't think I could handle anymore

  • Hi Mauds, I originally had 'arthritis' in my left hip and spine when I was left untreated in the beginning. It all went once I was on the original Levo (I think Norton) and was also good on Goldshield Eltroxin, but the pain is back once again on present Levo. Am now looking at NDT. Wish you well.

  • Thanks jbee didn't have any pain until that dope of an endo dropped me to 75 How I wish he could have a taste of living like this all because he thinks bloods ok

  • As Clutter says - Low vitamin D can be an underlying cause of pain (& controls calcium) - was for me anyway (and lots of folk).

    A TSH of 21+ cannot be ignored - even 6 is high especially on medication - why test if nothing is done about it? J :D

  • Thanks I really feel I've been neglected and the endo don't know his job. Do you think I should take a supplement for iron. Thanks

  • This is a link re the role of vitamins/minerals.

  • Sorry I don't know about iron but I wouldn't if your ferritin (stored iron) is above range/high which indicates inflammation - you say you have RA. My mum was told by her physio too much orange juice wouldn't help her joint pain either - I don't know how true that is but vitC helps iron absorption.

    Any pain/bone related trouble I tend to suggest Vit D3 - in case it helps, as life in pain is something I don't want to go back to. Here's a link for an easy home pinprick test by post if doc won't do it (£28)

    Also cutting out gluten can dampen down the autoimmune response too, well so I've read anyway.

    Glad you're changing that Endo - Louise has a list of helpful ones if you email her. J :D

  • Thanks I'm gluten free 4 months now

  • Hi apologies if you'd already said, have you noticed any improvements yet? - I've heard it can take up to six months? Hubby has trouble with bread/cake etc so we avoid them - but we're not strict - it's quite hard to keep to.

    My low Vit D took 3 months, and shinpain got worse to start with, then I changed to drops from tablets & felt a bit better..

  • Thanks I've heard it could take 6 months I'll do all I can to get better

  • Since your TSH should be nearer 1 than 6 let alone over 20 and your t3 is low i sure would be insisting your dosage was raised PDQ

  • Your endocrinologist needs to take a course on the endocrine system, particularly and more importantly the thyroid gland as that's what he's supposed to be tending to for you.

    Email and ask for a cop of the Pulse Online article. In it Question 6, you will see the recommendation for us. Give a copy of the whole article to this Endo to read for homework.

  • Shaws I really believe he's only qualified in diabetes Indont think he has a clue so bloody arrogant when I question him.

  • Most of us believe what you say. It is quite apparent by how the treat us.

  • My dogs treated better by his vet than I am by that endo ah well this is the last time I'll be seeing him. I'm getting my doc to refer me elsewhere can't take any more of this treatement

  • I would think the word is 'mis-treatment' and yes, quite a few have said their animals get better treatment from the Vet.

    Post a new question saying the area you are in and asking if anyone has a recommendation re a good Endocrinologist.

    Also email to see if she has one on her list near you.

  • I live in a small town in Ireland but I've got a couple of names for some in Dublin. Going to get my doc to refer me there any things better than this. If that fails going private I've been saving hard so hopefully I've enough to cover me

  • We have to be pro-active as we rely on doctors to know the solution but we have great difficulties and we know we can get much better. After all, it's hormones we are short of plus knowledgeable people to help us.

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