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Blood test results I'd appreciate any comments

TSH 0.849. T4 28.9. Free T3 4.9 still feel tired not as bad as I was but I'm just over 5 weeks on 125 eltroxin so I suppose I may be patient

I've just checked my MCH and that's 33 range should be 27-32 does that mean I've micro cystic anaemia B12 or thyroid malfunction.

my B12 results

B12 615 that's after getting an injection 3 weeks ago and that's to do me for 3 months

folate 5.0 range 3.5-20 so I guess I'm low in folate

ferritin 205

should I take an iron supplement.

Am taking sublingual B12 one per day plus B12 complex two per day they have a low B6 also 3 Cod liver oil capsules that have vitamin e

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Maud, what are the lab ref ranges?

Your FT4 and ferritin look high to me but would like to see ranges to be sure. Don't supplement iron until someone has checked the ferritin level.

Your folate is low, ideally would be around 10 I think, but may be due to your B12 injection. I'm not really sure on B12/folate/MCH Hampster1 is the expert on these.

Once your serum results are good in range it can take 6 weeks to 3 months to feel the results at a cellular level.

Which B complex are you using. I'm looking for one that doesn't have 100mg B6.


Holland and barrett b complex only has low dose b6


Ft4 range 12-22 I had to ring about my ferritin asked the receptionist the range and she said 5-204 think she got that wrong the b complex I'm taking has folate so hopefully it will rise


If the ferritin range is 5-204 you don't need to supplement iron.


Thanks clutter


Clutter was just wondering those bloods were taken when I was just two days off an antibotic would that have made the t4 high


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